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A YOUNG woman has shared the results of her mummy makeover and people are so impressed, they say she looks immaculate. 

TikTok user Danielle flew to Turkey for the triple surgery and has shared her amazing transformation online. 

After a successful gastric bypass last year, Dani hopped back on a plane to remove her excess tummy skin and give her breasts a boost in the process.

Just a few months on, she’s been showing off her washboard stomach, new breasts and everyone’s inspired.

Dani is seen standing in her bedroom wearing a supportive post-surgery bra and a pair of comfy elasticated-waist jogging bottoms. 

“I am six weeks post-op from my mummy makeover. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and enlargement and I’m going to show you my scar,” she reveals. 

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“I do have some smaller scars from when I had my gastric sleeve,” she adds, pointing out some tiny marks on her stomach. 

She then carefully rolls her waistband below her belly button to reveal her tummy tuck scar. 

“This is my belly button,” she says, pointing to the red scar in the middle of her stomach. “It has been remade.

“And this is my scar,” she continues, revealing the neat red line stretching from hip to hip. “I’m really happy with it.

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“It’s very fine and it’s easily coverable with underwear or a bikini. To be honest, I’m not even fussed about scars. I wear mine with pride. 

“I’ll probably end up getting my scar tattooed as that’s my plan down the line.”

Dani points out that while her scar might look really red, it’s because of the ring light she’s using to film. 

“It’s actually not that red in person and I’m very pale – it makes it stand out a bit more. But I can’t feel it if I put my hand over it. 

To help her scar heal even more, Dani bought silicone scar tape online which she’s been using on her stomach and on her breast surgery scars.

“Obviously I’m not going to get those scars out and show you,” she tells viewers, describing her breast scars. 

“My boob scars are very, very fine. I don’t even notice them. 

“So, these are the scars to expect when having the makeover.”

Almost 300,000 people have tuned in to see Dani’s recovery video and they’re all blown away by her appearance. 

“That scar is immaculate, wow,” said one user.

“You look amazing,” replied a second. 

“That scar will literally be gone, wow you look great,” commented a third. 

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“Your doctor threw down, omg it’s perfect,” said a fourth. 

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