I shared the ‘questionable’ names my friend chose for her baby – people think her top pick sounds like a ‘hate crime’ | The Sun

AN expectant woman's choice for baby names has bewildered her friend.

He felt they were so outlandish that he took to Reddit in an attempt to seek outside opinion.

However, he achieved little clarification or reassurance there.

Of the many comments one reader insisted one of the choices sounded like a "hate crime."

His original post laid out his concerns.

"My friend gave me a list of names she wants to name her baby," he wrote.

But he was not overly in favor of any of them.

"Some of them are, in my honest opinion, questionable," he wrote.

He went on to list them, naming Belldandy and Titania for the girls hand Zeref, Aliath, and Key, for the boys.

There was a rush to comment on his post, with more than 700 piling in to have their say, and they didn't hold back.

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“I just snorted my f**king drink," said one stunned reader on reading the list.

“Naming someone Belldandy is a hate crime," was the direct response of another.

There was some pause for reflection from this commenter: “At least you can be known as Belle. If your name is Key you just lost at life.”

Perhaps a rethink was in order: “Zeref sounds like a prescription drug.”

This commenter reminded everyone that one of the choices was in fact of great vintage: "Shakespeare thought Titiania was a cool name."

But some levity from this final thought: “Feel like she’d just be called Titanic in elementary school.”

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