I refused to 'pay it forward' at the McDonald's drive-thru as the order was more expensive than mine, it's split opinion | The Sun

A MOM has shared her outrage after being expected to pay a bill that exceeded her own McDonald’s order.

Jordan Reynolds Bailey (@eyenerd87) placed an order for herself, son and husband at the fast food chain before realizing that she was in a pay-it-forward line. 

Posting on TikTok, Jordan explained that the manager had to intervene after she refused to pay for an expensive order which belonged to another customer.

Jordan said: “So I just went through McDonald’s and I ordered food for myself, my son and my husband.

“I get to the window and the lady is like ‘did you order three kid’s meals and a couple of other things?’

“I’m like no, I ordered one kid’s meal and three sandwiches.”

Jordan said the employee closed the window and discussed the situation with her co-workers, before running to speak to the person in the car in front.

Jordan continued: “She opens the window and says the total is $25. I’m like you just told me it was $17 when I ordered my food.

“She’s like ‘yeah, but the car in front of you paid for yours, so you’re paying for theirs.’

“I’m like no, I didn’t order that food nor am I getting that food. I’ll pay for the food that I ordered.

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“She had to get the manager to fix the order so I could pay for my food.”

“McDonald’s have lost their mind,” Jordan captioned her post.

The video has been watched over 900,000 times with commenters divided.

Some argued the employee made a mistake, while others said it was a pay it forward situation that went wrong.

“The way I would have lied and said I only had $18 with me… so I physically couldn’t pay for their food even if I wanted to lol,” one wrote.

“This happened to me. The car in front of us paid for ours, but we paid for theirs since it was cheaper than ours,” another said.

“The audacity of the employee. This isn’t a pay it forward thing.

"She made a mistake and thinks you’ll be ok with it,” a third commented. 

“She expected you to pay for it so that she wouldn’t have to pay the difference out of her own pocket,” a fourth added.

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A fifth wrote: “I understand money is tight with today’s economy but damn lady! Pay it forward!… 

“You never know when you’re gonna need help! I said what I said.”

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