I quit buying toothpaste but my teeth have never felt better – I make my own DIY mix but I have to spit it into a tissue | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER has revealed her DIY recipe for toothpaste – but the catch is that you can't swallow it.

TikToker Ashlyn (@ashlyn.murie) shares lifestyle and wellness videos with her 1,642 followers.

In a recent video, she shared the recipe for a DIY toothpaste, and said that her teeth "have never felt better."

The video opened with a shot of some solid coconut oil in a ceramic bowl with a spoon.

A voiceover and overlaid text read: "I quit buying toothpaste a while ago."

Ashlyn stirred the coconut oil and the video transitioned to show it was now melted.

She continued: "I melt coconut oil, add baking soda until it's kind of thick, and then I add peppermint essential oil."

The influencer added some baking soda to the bowl and stirred until it was combined.

Together, the two ingredients made a thick paste.

Then, the clip showed Ashlyn adding a few drops of peppermint oil.

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She let the mixture drip from a spoon to show the smooth, viscous liquid.

Ashlyn said: "This will last me a few months at least," before showing viewers the end result in the bowl.

The homemade toothpaste recipe received a mixed response from social media users.

One person said: "Do you spit it down the drain?"

Ashlyn replied: "I spit it out in a Kleenex and throw it away."

Many commenters were concerned that the toothpaste mixture could ruin tooth enamel.

One person wrote: "Is baking soda good for daily use? I thought you should only use it once in a while to whiten teeth, and that it ruins enamel over time if overused."

Another commenter said that should "use sandpaper instead," as it would be just as abrasive.



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However, many were excited to try the toothpaste for themselves.

One TikToker said: "I'm definitely trying this."

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