I put up a 6ft fence to get away from my chatty neighbour, now she’s taken extreme measures to peer into our garden | The Sun

A WOMAN was left devastated after putting up a fence to get away form her neighbour – only for them to take extreme measures to keep peering over.

The woman had installed the fence in the hopes to get some privacy in her garden. but it's clearly failed.

Taking to Mumsnet, she revealed that she put up a 6ft fence and 8ft bamboo plants in the hopes of having some quiet time.

But her neighbour was one step ahead and bought a trampoline so she could still peer over her neighbour's garden and talk to them.

The woman wrote: "Have had issues with overly friendly neighbour since we moved in. The original divider between our back gardens was a low hedge, and she would come out and talk to us every single time we were out in the garden. And boy, can she talk.

"She also used to lift her DC over the hedge without asking to play with our DC (who is years older and not interested)."


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They then decided to put a 6ft fence up, to lessen the blow she told her neighbour it was because they were thinking of getting a dog.

She added: "When we put up the fence she initially made few jokey comments about how it was harder to talk to us now, but she solved this problem by placing a step on her side and continued to pop up whenever we were out in garden."

Her husband then decided to plant bamboo along the fence which grew to 8ft to solve the issue.

They then saw that she had installed a large trampoline and assumed it was for her child.

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But to their horror, the only person who has used it so far is her neighbour.

She continued: "When I was out in the garden a few weeks ago, up she popped over the top of the bamboo, laughing hysterically, and shouting ‘see what I’ve had to resort to! hahaha!’

"I said something along the lines of ‘oh yes haha, is that a trampoline for X’ and she said it was originally but he wasn’t interested so she’s going to use it for exercise instead.

"So far all her exercises have coincided with us being out in the garden.

"We’re now back at square one and whenever we’re out she appears over the bamboo, laughing and shouting."

Her husband is sure the bamboo will continue to grow and solve the issue, but the poster was doubtful and asked whether she should directly ask her neighbour for more privacy.

People were on her side and many couldn't believe the lengths her neighbour had gone to and advised her to be blunt.

One wrote: "No way! If this is true, you are going to have to bite the bullet and just tell her to back off."

Another person commented: "The thought of your neighbour bouncing 9 foot in the air to talk to you sounds hilarious but I suspect I'd get bored of it fairly quickly if I were in your shoes."

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"Sorry but this is genuinely hilarious sneak over there in the wee hours and snip enough springs that it collapses next time she uses it," a third added.

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "If this happened. to me I would tell the person that I put the high fence up then the trellis because I want my back garden to be private."

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