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A WOMAN has confessed that she POOED herself when trying on clothes in an H&M changing room – and then put the soiled shorts BACK on the hanger.

The dilemma was discussed on the Glaswegian podcast Girls Overheard, where her anonymous message discussed her most shameful secret.

And, to make the cringe-inducing experience even worst, the soiled garments didn't stay where she though she left them.

Leaving the show's hosts in fits of awkward giggles, the woman claimed she was visiting the Glasgow Fort branch of the clothing store to pick our travel clothes ahead of a trip to Las Vegas.

Podcast host Lauren Kerr struggled to read out the horrific confession without laughing, where she said: "Hubby and I are going on our first holiday to Vegas.

"The day before we went to the Glasgow Fort shopping centre to get airport outfits.

"We went into H&M to pick up jogger shorts.

"I took two sizes along with some tops, as did Hubby."

The trip took a sudden turn for the worst, as Lauren added: "We were in the changing rooms when suddenly I began to feel really unwell, with clammy sweats and shooting tummy pains.

"Hubby shouted that he was heading out and he would get me out.

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"I began to feel the urge for a poo.

"But I knew there was no way I was going to make it out of the changing room.

Co-hosts Eilidh Wells and Ash Reid burst into laughter as they realised what was going to happen.

She continued: "I began pacing the changing room, holding my a*** cheeks together to stop the inevitable explosion.

"I looked at the shorts hanging up and I knew there was only one thing for it.

"I had decided what pair I was taking and what I was leaving.

"So there I am crouched down with the pocket of shorts wide open then I proceeded to s*** in them.

"Only it wasn't your usual jobby – it was diarrhoea.

"The worst thing about this is that H&M changing rooms are not fully enclosed.

"The smell was horrific.

"And then mid-squat in walks hubby, banging on the door asking what was taking so long and said 'You farted? It's f****** humming in here.

"I'll be two minutes, I said.

"I'm now riddled with anxiety about what to do.

"I can't leave these shorts and I definitely need to go home to wipe my s***** arse.

"Decision made – I carefully put the shitty shorts back on the hanger.

"And slowly placed them back on the rail where I got them.

"I proceeded to the cash desk where I desperately wanted to pay.

"The girl on the till was a right chatty patty and asking me what I had been up to.

"Oh, she had no idea!

"Finally I escaped the shop, convinced the police are going to follow me or worse still, arrest me at Glasgow airport the next day.

"We get to the car and I am literally silent the whole journey home thinking about it.

"We get home and my mum and dad are asking how shopping went and what we got.

"I say, we got not much, just an outfit for travelling in.
"Let's see then says Mum.

"I opened the H&M bag only to see the bag covered in s****."

The story was met with laughter by fans on TikTok, as they raced to the comments to share their horrified reactions.

One person wrote: "The story was met with laughter by fans on TikTok, as they flocked to the comments to joke about the situation.

One person wrote: "New fear unlocked for all retail workers."

A second one said: "No but this is my absolute fear. I have panic attacks when I get an upset stomach. I’d probably die."

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A third added: "Btw that’s some feat of accuracy, aiming and getting in the pocket!"

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