I only packed thong bikinis for my stay at the Disney World hotel – I looked so out of place by the pool | The Sun

ONE cheeky woman has revealed the packing mistake she made on her trip to Disney World.

She felt out of place in her skimpy swimwear while other women were covered-up at the pool.

In her video, Stephanie Brito (@stennbrito) admitted she did not prepare well for the family-friendly resort.

She sat by the pool, noticing the difference in the swimwear she brought compared to everyone else.

"When you come to a Disney hotel, and all you brought were thong bikinis," Stephanie said.

The women around her wore swim T-shirts in the water, long dresses, and athletic clothes outside.

Only one woman exposed her actual swimsuit a little. She donned a black one-piece under a long sheer cover-up.

Meanwhile, Stephanie sat on the pool steps, hiding her exposed bottom.

Thankfully, she had brought a light tropical-print blouse to throw over her two-piece.

Her body was concealed for the most part.

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"We were not prepared," she said, turning the camera on her friend to expose her in the same style situation.

Some viewers agreed that her swimsuit choices weren't the best for the environment.

"As a mom, you are my enemy," one woman commented.

Another agreed: "As a mom feeling insecure at the Disney resort pools, thank you for keeping your hot baddie self covered."

Stephanie responded: "I was so lost."

A supportive fan wrote: "Wear what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel good. Forget about others' opinions."

"Girl, me as f**k. Hot mom summer," one relatable woman remarked.

"I'm done hiding my thong bikini because y'all want to be boring," a frustrated mom proclaimed.

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