I love my daughter's flower-themed name but my mom and friends judge me for it – now I don't know what to do | The Sun

AN expecting parent has shared how much she loves their daughter's flower-themed name, but people in her life don't feel the same.

She wrote in a Reddit post that her mom and friends judge her for it, and now she's unsure what to do about the baby name.

Reddit user Silent_Club_9633 took to the social media platform to air their grievances about their future child's potential name.

They shared in a Reddit post that they wanted to name their child Clover.

A clover flower is any of the genus, Trifolium, with low-leguminous herbs that have trifoliolate leaves and flowers in dense heads.

"My husband and I fell in love with it and are planning on naming our daughter this," they wrote.

They also mentioned that it rolls off the tongue very well with their last name which also starts with a hard C.

Though, when they told their mother about the name, she gave a subtle side-eye look and responded with an "Ohhh, that's…cute."

"I had a similar, though not as drastic reaction from a friend, and now I’m way overthinking it," they added.

For them,it’s such a fine line between unique and"too" unique.

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"Are we in latter territory?" they asked the Reddit community.

Many Reddit users provided a range of responses and parenting advice about the topic.

"I think it's just one of those names where people are either going to really love it or really hate it. I don't think you're dooming your child or anything, lol. If you love it, you should keep it," one person shared.

"I knew a lady named Clover. She sold, get this, plants at the local Farmers Market. She was beautiful and I love the name," another added.

"I love it. And yes, I have met a professor from my university with that name, so there’s your 'I couldn’t imagine a PhD with that name!'" another chimed in.

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