I live in a house that’s like a rainbow – people always ask how on earth I’m going to sell it but I couldn’t care less | The Sun

SHE lives in a house that's like a rainbow – complete with multi-coloured stairs and sky-like ceilings.

But one thing Emily always finds people commenting on her videos is that she's damaging the resale value of her home by decorating it in that way.

"The comment I see a lot on home project videos is ‘Wow, that is so pretty, but it’s going to kill your resale value’," she said in a video on TikTok.

"And while I do understand looking out for your future self, I can’t help but think if I were to decorate only wondering what the next owner would like, then I’m pretty much just renting from the next owner."

She added in the caption: "I’ll never be able to emphasise enough that I don’t care about my resale value (all of this being completely and easily reversible)."

"That resale value comment needs to be reserved for like, people installing urinals in their dining rooms, not paint," one person commented on the video.

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"Gorgeous either way."

"They act like you can't just paint over if you decide to move," another added.

"The whole point of buying is to decorate however you want since you can’t in rentals," a third commented.

"Honestly how you design your house shouldn’t affect resale, seeing as there is this place called a hardware store where you can buy paint to redo," someone else wrote.

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"I sold flooring for awhile and said this exact thing to my customers," another wrote.

"The amount of people who just do grey carpet or vinyl purely for resale."

With Emily replying: "It’s so sad – people deserve a house that suits them."

"We decorated only w resale value in mind and hated our house so much," another added.

"Now it’s pastels and colours and we’re so happy in it."

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