I let my six-year-old go swimming at the beach alone, people say it's dangerous but it’ll teach him to fend for himself | The Sun

MOST parents like to keep their kids in their eyeline at all times – especially if they’re somewhere like the beach.

But one mum and dad who hate that ‘helicopter’ style of parenting said they prefer their ‘lighthouse’ hands-off approach. 

So much so that parents Sammy and Jason even let their little ones head out on their own – even if that means going for a swim.

The Australian couple – who are mum and dad to Pepper, ten, and Jude, six as well as Rory, three, and Lottie, two – are currently taking part in reality TV show Parental Guidance. 

In the series, they raised eyebrows when they revealed that they are firm believers that children should have their own independence. 

For them, this includes only stepping in when their children actually need them, rather than being by their side the entire time. 

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However, other parents taking part in the show, which looks at families with different approaches, weren’t so keen on the idea and brought up the dangers of it.

One of the other mums said: “I feel ill. Kids at the beach by themselves at that age makes me feel physically ill.

“That water can change in an instant and from where you are and where the kids are, they're gone.”

But Sammy replied that they are teaching their kids how to look after themselves and to assess risks.

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She argued: “The thing with our parenting style is the children to be aware of their own limitations.”

The duo also defended their rather controversial decision in an interview for the series, explaining the thought process behind it. 

They said: “It's not possible for us to be there all the time so it's important we teach them to fend for themselves.

“We can't focus our attention on each individual kid, which means we have to let the other kids have their own freedom and their own space.

“So we're happy for the two older ones to go swimming by themselves.

“It's an opportunity for them to showcase how independent they can be, and give them some trust as well.”

And when the series’ host asked Sammy and Jason if they expected the lifeguards to babysit and keep their children safe, they 

Jason answered: “We are watching them constantly.”

While Sammy added in another conversation: “Anything our children do we assess the risks.”

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