I let my kids swear – I won’t stop just because I'm a mum, people who do are sheltering children from real world

THERE'S no denying that having kids turns your world completely upside down.

But one of the most unexpected things we struggled with was no longer being able to swear like a sailor in our own home – you know, out of fear our kid's first word would be something deeply inappropriate.

However, one mum has insisted this common approach isn't going to be helpful in the long-run.

In a viral TikTok video that's racked up over 880k "likes", Jax Anderson, from Wisconsin, started by demonstrating an "unhelpful parenting approach".

After hearing her daughter say a swear word, the mum – who is also a parenting coach – immediately scolded her and said there's "no cussing in this house".

She then acted out what she believes is a "helpful parenting" example.

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Seeing her daughter frustrated, the mum said: "Are you okay? Do you need any help?

"Thank you for remembering to only use swear words when it's only you and I home."

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Describing herself as a "potty mouth", the mum argued that "swearing is real life" and parents who ban it are making it more of an issue.

She explained: "I don’t want to stop swearing, we have rules that our daughter can swear when we’re home alone."

Raving about this method, the mum joked: "She gets to graze in the pasture but we have a nice fence around it in which she needs to stay."

That said, there are certain words that are completely off limits.

She continued: "We don’t use swear words to disrespect people. We don’t use swear words to call people names.

"And we only swear when we’re at the house."

Needless to say, Jaz's approach sparked debate in the comments.

One replied: "I don’t know why people make cursing such a big deal..? It’s not that big of a deal."

Another added: "I have like zero problem with anyone swearing honestly as long as it’s not language that’s hateful."

Meanwhile, a third said: "I wish I could do that with my kids it works for my daughter and the oldest but the middle child just cusses unnecessarily all the time."

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