I left my abusive ex at 26 and took his daughter with me – people call me a narcissist especially as I didn’t want kids | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she left her partner with his child after suffering from his abuse for seven years.

Heather, from the US, took to social media to share her story and clear up any rumours of her being a narcissist for taking his daughter with her when she left.

Now 32, Heather has eight children in her blended family with her current partner, Justin.

She revealed she first met her ex when she was just 19, who had a daughter from a previous relationship.

From the moment they met, Heather and her now oldest daughter bonded – despite saying she never wanted children as a teenager.

But her world was flipped upside down when she met Jordyn and even had two more children while struggling in an abusive relationship.



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Heather has revealed that her eldest daughter's biological mum has never been in the picture, leading her to take on the role of mum quickly.

Taking to social media, Heather answered some of the questions trolls have left her, giving a reason as to why she packed up and took her three children with her.

"OMG, you actually stole his daughter? you're a narcissist. You're not even her real mum," read one comment.

"Actually, we both escaped a horrible life. I saved her, she saved me. We were always meant to be mum and daughter," she hit back.

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Others asked Heather why she stayed so long in the relationship – butthe mum said she would go back and do it again.

"Yes, I stayed. And I would do it again.," she added. "If I didn't, I wouldn't have her, she is worth it and always has been worth it."

The incredible mum has revealed she will soon be adopting Jordyn, who has lived with her all these years.

And she isn't the only child Heather has adopted and made part of her family.

Heather has since adopted three other girls to join her family, and have recently moved to a much larger house to call their forever home.

It comes after she spent much of her previous relationship living in a static van.

Heather has amassed over 1.8million followers and 70million likes on her TikTok account @forevaheatha.

Plenty of people took to the comments section to praise the mum for her strength.

One person wrote: "You are her real mom! You love and care for her. She loves you! Sounds like a real family to me."

Another commented: "Why are people so mad you love that little girl? She is so lucky to have someone who loves her that much!! She was chosen over your own comfort."

"People don’t understand abusive relationships till they’ve been in one good job mom you are survivor," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Adoption should always be a option love you guys and thanks for saving yourself and her."

"You are amazing! Don’t listen to the haters,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "You're her mom and her dad. You are her saving grace, best friend, and first love. I admire you're strength."

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