I leave the door open & let my toddler run around in a FENCED garden – now my neighbour is threatening to report me

REMEMBER when you were younger and going outside to play wasn’t an issue?

Now, things seem to be a lot different. 

So much so, one parent claims they have been threatened by their neighbour because they let their child play in the garden. 

The parent, who is anonymous, shared their experience on Reddit asking for advice on how to deal with the situation. 

They wrote: “We have a sunroom and a fenced yard. 

“During warm weather, I will hang in the sun room and leave the door open for my toddler (2F) to hang in our fenced yard. 

“Our neighbour noticed and shouted over to me, then ran to our door, claiming they thought the toddler was unattended to. 

“I explained, the sun room door is open and I’m watching her etc.

“This happened again today, except this time the neighbour mentioned she should call someone to report my neglect.

Our neighbour noticed and shouted over to me, then ran to our door, claiming they thought the toddler was unattended to

“A. Does she have a leg to stand on? Am I seeing this as a non issue when she’s maybe too young for that? 

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“I feel like it’s the same as sitting on the park bench while your kid is on the playground, except safer because it’s our own fenced home. 

“B. How do I get my neighbour to f*ck off?”

The post quickly got over 200 people interacting with the parent, giving their advice.

One wrote: “Tell her that maybe you need to call someone to report her harassment.”

Another said: “For whatever it’s worth, I let my kids play alone in our fenced, locked, and kid proofed yard while I watch from the deck or a window.


"They’re 3 and 5, but I’ve basically let them since they could toddle out.

“I think it’s very helpful for developing independence and autonomy to not have mommy following perpetually two steps behind.”

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A third wrote: “100 times this. As long as the area is safe, let them be kids. It's great for developing independent play and not needing to be entertained every second of the day.”

While someone else casually added: “Why (SIC) she spend all of her time watching ops kid!? Weirdo.”

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