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A MONEY-SAVING mum has revealed her top tips that could help you pay off debts and even rake in some extra cash.

Megan Micklewright has become somewhat of an internet sensation for being a savvy shopper – and now she's offering a helping hand to fellow parents, as the cost-of-living crisis tightens.

After going on maternity leave, the mum decided to create an Instagram page, @thesavvyspenderofficial, where she shares her top money-saving and money-making tips.

Since then, she's won more than 40k followers on the platform and earlier this year Megan was even crowned The Savvy Spender, 2023 Online Financial Influencer of the Year.

The rising social media star is so good at it, she's worked with big brands, such as the investment company BlackRock, as well as met the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after being invited by 10 Downing Street.

Chatting to The Daily Star, Megan revealed she's been a saver ever since her first-ever job after seeing family struggle with lack of money.

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According to the whizz, the secret behind saving money is making it a habit, not how much you've raked in.

''Saving little but often is just as important as saving big amounts. You can start saving with as little as you can, as long as you start!"

Another tip, she added in the chat, was shopping around – Megan urged to avoid paying ''the first price you see''.

Perhaps that beauty find you want so much is on sale somewhere else? Or you can snap up a cheaper dupe in stores, such as Aldi and Lidl?

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Megan also advised to look into cashback, praising the number of apps that give your money back on items you'll buy anyway, for instance, food, fuel and insurance.

The savvy mum went on: "I have noticed a bigger influx in queries and questions I get around saving money and surviving on small amounts of cash since the cost of living crisis started, especially around food shopping and energy prices.


"It’s really sad that the economy is in such a bad place but I’m hopeful that things will change and I’m so happy that my tips and tricks are helping more people to make money, save money and make their money stretch further!"

Some of her latest videos include a cleaning hack to remove stubborn stains from your laundry, as well as keeping on top of your finances.

In another recent post, Megan chatted about re-gifting, as a follower shared their scenario with two boys in their family.

She wrote: ''Personally, I don’t see a problem with re-gifting, it’s the best way around an item getting actual use out of it if the original person won’t use it.

'' However on the flip side I think I’d be a little upset if I realised or noticed a gift I’d bought someone had been passed along, so it’s a tricky one!

''Definitely have to make sure the original gifter won’t find out and we’re all good.''

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