I have a unique name – people don’t believe it’s real, they make me take out my ID to prove it | The Sun

A MAN with quite a distinct moniker has shared that people are always in disbelief when he tells them his name.

He even has to pull out identification to keep people's skepticism at bay.

In a TikTok video, the man, who has a unique name, said that people often don't believe him when he tells them what his first name is.

It's not one you come across every day, following recent modern naming trends.

"My name is Sacred," he revealed in his recording.

According to him, people often mispronounce it as "Sedrick."

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"Also, if I'm at an event or something and I don't know anybody, and I meet somebody, a lot of times I have to get out my ID to prove to them that that's my real name.

"Because they don't believe me," he said.

"Now online, for some reason, when people contact me, they'll say 'Scared.'"

Lastly, Sacred highlighted the fact that some people seem to think that his first name is "Thomas," as he goes by @sacredthomas on socials.

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"Like I'm calling myself a 'sacred Thomas'. I'm not that vain y'all," he concluded.

Taking to the video's comments section, people added their two cents about Sacred's name.

"The 'Scared' one is sooo funny," one person wrote.

"I love your name, [it's] beautiful just the way it is. Also, I read it correctly soooo," said a second.

"Scared is a more believable name to peeps than Sacred?" questioned a third.

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"Me tryna find the letter 'i' and 'k' in your name for people to mispronounce it as Sedrick," a fourth joked. "But I love your name."

"The scared might just be auto correct lol. But you're preaching to the choir luv," a final person said.

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