I hated my tiny boobs so begged strangers to fund surgery – people shame me but I love my new look

A YOUNG woman from the US was sick of her tiny boobs and how they looked on her body.

So, she did what any modern woman would and asked strangers online to pool their money together to pay for her breast enlargement surgery.

Hailey Jay has gone viral on TikTok with over 700k likes on her account, where her bio reads 'your newly boobed bff.'

She began her journey back in 2021, where she made it her mission to get her account to go viral in order to get more people to donate to her surgery fund.

At a 32A, Hailey wasn't super happy with the way her boobs looked in comparison to the rest of her body.

Captioning the post: "Just going to keep posting until it goes viral in support of small boobs."

Hailey said: "The bigger, more muscular and the older I get the smaller they are getting, I'm not kidding.

"I think it's about time we all came together, clearly not all of us have been graced with big jugs, but we have been graced with brains and if we put them together…

"Do you understand how many boob jobs we could get?

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"All I'm asking is for 10,000 people to send me one dollar."

Hailey's plan was to start a pool of money, where she would get a boob job and then help fund other women's as well.

For Hailey, her dream came true and thanks to users on TikTok she was able to get her boob job in April 2021.

Just two months after pleading with users to fund it for her.

She posted an update in May, showing the before and after picturesof her transformation.

Hailey said she was more than content with her body prior to the boob job and said she mainly wanted the procedure done for shape rather than size.

She stated she would now be a 32 B/C cup size.

While Hailey is more than happy with her new look some people have shamed her for asking people to pay for it, and for having 'fake boobs.'

One user wrote: "It's really a pity society has shamed women like this. Don't do it, I'll take AA natural over DD fakes any day."

"There are way better causes out there to put your money to." Wrote another user: "This is absolutely ridiculous, people out there need necessities."

A third person had said: "Or get a job and save up for it? There's a thought Becky!"

"Just save up and get them…" A fourth user added.

but many users praised Hailey's idea and thought it was great she was doing something to make her feel more confident.

One woman wrote: "Well, it's for ourselves not to please a man!"

"You look amazing, ignore the haters." Added another user.

A third woman wrote: "I love this! You look gorgeous."

Plus, my boobs are two different sizes, I have an A cup and a D cup, men say I show them off for attention.

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Meanwhile, I’ve had massive boobs since I was 14 – strangers motorboat me & a colleague called me a ‘high end prostitute.’


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