I hate parenting, it’s stressful and the worst – and the hardest job I’ve ever had

A MUM has shared her honest thoughts about parenting online and admits looking after her kids is the "least favourite" job she has ever had.

Mum-of-two Amy decided to voice how she really feels about parenthood after coming across someone asking other parents whether they "regret" their decision to have kids.

She shared a video to TikTok and didn't hold back – revealing that she finds parenting complicated, while describing it as the "f***ing worst" – and her brutal honesty won her praise from other mums who admitted to feeling the same.

In the clip, that has been watched over 1.1million times online, Amy says: "So a while back there was someone on here who asked parents if they regretted becoming parents. The video has since been deleted but I'm just going to answer it for fun anyway.

"My answer to whether or not I regret being a parent is… complicated."

Pointing out how parenting has impacted on her life, Amy says her experience as a mum has so far been stressful and she has little time for herself.

She explains: "The only way I figured out how to explain it to people who don't have kids is, if I knew how hard parenting would be, how little time I would have for myself and how stressful it was BUT I didn't know who my children would be, f*** no, I would NEVER choose parenting.

"BUT given the same situation, but I knew my son, I knew my daughter, I knew who I was going to get and it was THEM? S*** I'd choose them every time. They're the f***ing coolest."

Amy then vents: "Parenting is the f***ing worst. I'm attached to my children, I am not attached to parenting.

"It is my least favourite job I've ever had, but I love having those little f***ers in my life."

Bracing herself for backlash online, Amy captioned her video: "Queue the internet mom shamers in 3… 2… #amyhumor."

However, her video has been liked over 200k times and nearly 10,000 people have commented, with fellow mums owning up to feeling similar.

"You literally said exactly what I've been saying since day one," one mum posted.

Another said: "The honesty is heartwarming. We all need to be more honest about the hard stuff. It's okay for things to be hard!"

A third wrote: "This is an excellent summation," while one more added: "Literally the most correct answer ever."

One mum shared: "This is the best response there could've been for that question."

While she confessed to hating parenting as a job, Amy did later share what she loves most about being a mum to her step-daughter and son.

In a follow-up video, she reveals: "The best parts? When little arms just reach around your neck and hug you tight, all the 'I love you mummys'.

"Kids laughing hysterically together – that is just magic, the little quirks you develop as a family like when my son was young, we always ducked our heads when we drove under bridges… there's hundreds of those.

"The way their head smells right here, that'll bring you back to the moment they were born like that. The feeling of euphoria I get when I kiss them on their cheek, I cannot explain it, it is better than any drug I've ever had."

She continued: "When they get old enough to start having real conversations with you. Family movie night when you all laugh at the same things.

"Having people you do life with every day and probably getting to know them as adults will be the best."

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