I had a round face so got non-dissolvable jaw filler to give it definition – it was a horror story, I looked like a man | The Sun

A WOMAN has urged all beauty lovers to watch her video after non-dissolvable jaw filler left her looking like a bloke.

The fitness coach, Yasmine Atris, used to have a naturally more fuller and round face – and whilst for some it's the perfect preference, the young woman did not feel her most confident with it.

Then, one day, desperate to give herself a more snatched appearance, Yasmine decided to get jaw filler – but what was once a dream very quickly turned into a true horror story.

Urging others to think twice, the fitness fan shared the mortifying experience on TikTok.

''[If] you guys are considering getting jaw filler, please stay and watch this video because I'm about to show you guys a horror story of what happened to my face.

''When I went in and I actually spoke with the lady doing my actual jaw filler, she said that it would make my face more slim-looking and chiselled.''

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After a short consultancy with the beauty expert, Yasmine, a newbie at the time, was convinced to opt for a non-dissolvable filler.

Looking back now and realising the mistake, the young woman said it should've been the first red flag.

''Do not get anything that is non-dissolvable,'' she urged people to listen.

''If it's not gonna dissolve in your face and you don't like the outcome, you cannot take it away – and that's exactly what happened to me and I was scarred for two years.''

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The horror movie started right after the appointment, when Yasmine realised her jaw was so defined and didn't match her cheeks, that she was looking like a bloke.

''I was terrified. […] The fact that my high cheekbones don't match and these protrude outward more than my high cheekbones, it makes me look more masculine.

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Yasmine, who now, after the experience, has a more heart-shaped face, continued: ''Nothing wrong with a lady that has a more masculine jawline – that's also beautiful.

''But it doesn't fit my face because I have higher cheekbones and it looks weird.''

However, the story didn't end there – the following day of the filler procedure, Yasmine noticed that her left side was coming out far more than her right side.

''It looked really weird. I ended up calling her, like obviously every person would call.

''And she reassured me that it would go back to normal… it didn't.

''My face looked so unsymmetrical and horrible for two years,'' she said before inserting a few snaps of her new, post-makeover self.

''My face looked so much bulkier,'' the fitness fanatic said, revealing she wore a mask everywhere she went.

''It wiped my confidence away.

''It didn't give me more of a feminine, chiselled look – I looked huge.

''Even the lady that I went to to get lip filler, she literally told me 'The lady that did your jaw filler was absolutely horrible at what she did because she did not understand your face'.

''If anything, she should've advised me to not even get jaw filler in the first place.

''So my advice to anybody wanting jaw filler is nine times out of ten, you are going to be looking at the side profile of a jaw filler.

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''I've only seen those pictures floating around – and that's because the only difference in the jaw filler is the side.

''If anything, it makes your front profile way more masculine, so make sure you go to somebody who knows what they're doing.''

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