I got glares at the school gates for being a young mom – but now I've made a realization which flips everything | The Sun

AFTER getting strange looks from other parents at her kid’s school, a mom questioned what they were looking at.

Now 20 years later, she gets it – and she feels the same way they did.

Kate Harman (@harmany82) was once the young mom at school drop off.

Today, the tables have turned and she finally gets why she got certain looks all the time.

“Getting stares from other moms at the school gates because I was the YOUNG mom,” she began in a video.

She looked at the camera in confusion, with a serious expression on her face to mimic the glances from the other moms.

When the frame changed however, she said the roles were now reversed.

“20 years later standing at the school gates realizing I’m the OLD mom.”

Wearing a hoodie and matching shorts, with her hair in a bun and glasses on her face, she looked tired and disappointed as she sang along to the song lyrics: “I cry just a little.”

Kate used the clip to signal the nostalgia she now felt watching the younger moms drop their little ones off.

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“The realization,” she wrote, noting that she now understood their stares.

Viewers were quick to say they were in the same boat, having experienced both sides of the coin.

“This will be my life in four years. I was 17 when I had my first and 44 when I had my last,” one person shared.

“Haha same. My oldest is 16 and my youngest is nearly two!” added another.

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