I got Botox but it was a total disaster – people say I have ‘square root eyebrows’ and now I’m stuck with them | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER left people in stitches after she shared the dodgy result of her forehead Botox.

Quen Blackwell candidly shared her anti-wrinkle injection journey on social media, but it saw her eyebrows compared to a number of unfavourable things – including the square root symbol. 

The 22-year-old had the muscle paralyser injected into her forehead over a month ago.

But it froze her muscles unevenly, meaning some parts of them were able to carry out normal movement.

It meant that raising her eyebrows gave them a wonky shape, with one joker telling Quen it looked like she had “two left eyebrows” after she shared the beauty blunder on TikTok.

“The way the right one raised horizontally is killing me,” another laughed.

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“You need to get bangs to cover those up,” a second penned.

“She’s got those square root eyebrows,” a third said.

In the viral video, Quen jokingly begged people to leave her alone.

“You can’t get Botox dissolved like fillers,” she said.

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“I’m gonna be stuck like this for a minute and I don’t wanna hear about it anymore.

“I shouldn’t have even told you all.”

The Los Angeles-based influencer had the anti-wrinkle injections at the end of April and immediately noticed something was wrong.

She vowed to “never try it again” following the result.

Hilariously, one fan told her it looked like she had “two left eyebrows” immediately after the appointment. 

Botox and other anti-wrinkle injections cannot be dissolved as they relax your muscles, unlike fillers which sit under the surface of your skin.

Plastic surgeon Jerome Edelstein urged people in Quen’s situation to “wait it out”.

“Botox isn’t permanent, so in a few months the treated area should return to its pre-injection state,” he assured.

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“This can take about four months or so, depending on your unique physiology and the area in which it was injected.”

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