I got an anon text telling me to do a DNA test – I thought it was a joke until I spoke to my mum, the truth is dark | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share how a strange, anonymous text ended up changing her life forever – and revealed that her mum had been keeping a dark secret for years. 

Lane shared the odd message she received from a stranger, demanding she takes a DNA test. 

When asking her mum about it, she revealed that she had an affair before Lane was born, and so her dad might not be who she thinks he is. 

Lane shared the wild story in a TikTok reel, which has now gained more than 1.6 million likes and 15.7 million views. 

The content creator, known online as @laneiscool14, regularly shares life updates and entertaining videos with her 113,000 followers. 

In a new reel, she said: “This text message right here changed my life forever. 


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“About a year ago now, January 9th, I get a text message telling me to get a DNA test from Ancestry and I think it’s fake. 

“I facetime my friend and I’m like, ‘listen to this’ and she’s like, ‘I swear my guts telling me this is real, you need to respond’. 

“So I respond and then they write me back. 

“I was shook that they responded and I let them know that I’d already done 23andMe the year before because it was on sale and I was hoping I was going to find that I was secretly exotic or related to royalty, but I’m just English and Irish like I thought I was. 

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“They even made a burner account on Facebook to message me and my husband, saying I need to get a DNA test from Ancestry. 

“They would not provide me with any sort of proof that this was real, and obviously I called my mum immediately saying, ‘what the f***?’ 

She continued: “So when I called her and she says, ‘I know exactly what you’re talking about, I had an affair’. 

“I almost fell off my f****** chair. 

“She had an affair with a guy ten years younger than her when she was in college like they went away for a weekend or something, and it was a one-time thing. 

“But he even saw her on campus and said, ‘is that mine?’ And she denied it. 

“This b**** either gaslit herself or thought she was going to take this to her grave.”

Lane then goes on to reveal what happened when she did the test, adding: “So I order an Ancestry test immediately. 

“It takes about six weeks to get my results back, and ding ding. Your results are in, I find out that yes, this man is my father. This stranger. 

“So I message him immediately and he lives in California. He’s British, what the f***? 

“He said my mum sent him a Christmas card when I was two years old, saying my name in it, and that he’s Googled my name ever since. 

“And in 2007 my name popped up, and he saw a picture of me and he knew immediately that I was his daughter. 

“So he emails my mum, wanting to get in contact with me, and she denies it and kind of threatens him, and says, ‘please leave us alone, do not ever contact me again, she’s mentally unwell and something bad would happen, she might harm herself if she ever finds out’. 

“So what did he do? 

“He followed me on social media my entire life. He watched me date my boyfriend, get married, have babies, everything, all from the outside, not able to know me.”

At the end of the three-minute video, Lane shared a picture of her and her biological father. 

“I’m telling you, this picture freaked me out.”

TikTok users flocked to the comments to share how they could see the resemblance between the two. 


Another said: “What a guy. He’s loved you from afar for so long. It’s pretty special that he already kind of knows who you are.”

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A third put: “Did you immediately find your inner British accent? Kidding. But that’s wild. Your life could of been completely different.”

Someone else put: “I’m crying this is so sad he just waited this whole time.”

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