I ditched Sainsbury’s to try my weekly shop at M&S instead – I was floored and it saved me a whopping £20 too | The Sun

A SAVVY mum has revealed that she is on the hunt for supermarkets selling the cheapest food, and she was very impressed with M&S.

Ashleigh Beck explained that she previously went to Sainsbury’s to get her weekly food shop, but was left disappointed with the prices.

As a result, she took a trip to M&S to check out their food – and left with a mega haul that was actually cheaper than Sainsbury’s. 

Taking to TikTok, where she posts under the username @ashleighbeckofficial1997, the bargain hunter mum showed her followers her massive food shop. 

She posted her clip with the caption ‘Chuffed with £44!!’ and said: “Okay, I'm actually shocked.

“So this is my M&S weekly top up food shop.

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“If you remember last week, I did Sainsbury's and that was like £63.

“You're not actually gonna believe how much this all was and I got so much more food than Sainsbury's.

“I paid £44.68 for all of this, so I've got rolls, sticky iced buns, broccoli, I've got apple juice, I've got salad potatoes, I've got a massive, massive carbonara with this garlic bread which is £1, they make it every day, I'm telling you, see that garlic butter, it is so good, that is the best garlic bread you'll ever have.

“I've got strawberries, peppers, beans – we've all been talking about it, Heinz beans are like £1.50, £1.75, for beans or hoops – 50p and it’s M&S ones, so I'm gonna try these.

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“Chunky chips – banging – carrots, bananas, pork pies and sausage rolls for the kids lunches.

“Grapes, bread, lettuce, this [Choco Pops] was I think £1.10, that one [Multigrain Hoops] I think was £1.50.

“The squash was like 90p, then their version of Wotsits, apples, ham, cheese, sausages, pasta, sticky toffee sauce for ice cream, pancakes for the kids for breakfast and chorizo.

“But I got all of that for £44 which I think is bloody good.

“I went in there thinking ‘oh my god like this is gonna be well over £70/80 and it was £44.

“I still have money left over.

“I am not gonna fault M&S, definitely I'm gonna be shopping in there more often, but yeah this is the M&S haul because you all said it's really cheap and it was very bloody cheap and probably a lot better quality than Aldi or Sainsbury's at the minute.

“I feel like I'm spending so much on Sainsbury's, even your strawberries and your grapes, they were two for £4 – I'm spending like £3 just on strawberries, or £3.50 in Sainsbury's.

“So yeah, shop around, M&S definitely for the win.” 

Ashleigh shared her video just 18 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 40.1k views.

It has 2,637 likes, 38 comments and 79 shares.

Social media users were eager to take to the comments to share their love for M&S. 

One person said: “And the quality of M&S is unmatched.”

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While another shopper noted: “I’m going to M&S, wow what prices.”

Meanwhile, another admitted: “You've convinced me to go M&S!!!”

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