I did my first ever Shein order… I thought I had a bagged a cute dress but I basically looked like a sack of potatoes | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA'S first order with Shein turned out to be a total flop after she ended up looking like a sack of potatoes.

For a while, TikTok user @mrs_c85/2 avoided purchasing anything from the fast fashion giant Shein due to their sizing.

''[It] can be a bit of a struggle when you've got a lot of junk in the trunk,'' she shuckled.

However, after some strolling on the website, she stumbled upon a dress she reckoned would be perfect for winter.

It was a cute number with long sleeves and cheetah-style pattern in light pink, and the shopper immediately bagged it.

But upon finally receiving it, the TikTok user realised things were off to a bad start, as the material was significantly thinner than anticipated.

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''On the pictures it looked very warm. You can see how thin it is, can't you?'' she demonstrated in the video.

''I'm going to need pyjamas on under this – it's that thin.''

Unfortunately, it wasn't just the flimsy material that was the issue – the fit was anything but flattering.

''This is UK 18 and it's massive […]. I look like a sack of potatoes.

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Sadly, this is not the first time Shein's dresses have gone viral for all the wrong reasons – recently one woman was mortified after realising how indecent her garment looked.

Looking to replenish her wardrobe with some goodies, the plus size fashion lover and make-up enthusiast, Kay J., from the US, decided to have a little scroll on Shein.

There, amongst thousands of garments, she stumbled across one that caught her attention – a sexy bodycon midi dress with a 3D print of a naked woman.

At just over a tenner, the black and white bargain seemed to be too good to sleep on, and Kay immediately bagged it.

The shopper couldn't have been any more excited to see what it looked like – but upon trying it on, she was mortified and took to TikTok to share the hilarious fail.

Posing in the new outfit and a pair of black sunnies, Kay said: ''So I'm upset… because I thought thought this dress was going to be really cute.

''What is this? Is this supposed to look like I'm covered in body hair or what?

''Because this is giving pubes,'' the unhappy shopper said in the clip.

''I don't even wanna show y'all the back – the back look like a hairy booty.

''If you have this dress, stich this video cause I wanna know what's going on.''

Since uploading the video just two days ago, the video has taken the internet by storm, racking up more than 2.7million views, and leaving social media users in stitches.

One chuckled: ''Girlllll just wear it for Halloween and call it a day.''

Another eagle eyed person pointed out: ''It even came with a bellybutton [laughing emoji].''

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Someone else penned: ''When she turned around I died I thought she was being dramatic.''

''Girl the back took me out they know they wrong for that!'' a fourth added.

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