I converted a shed into a tiny home – people are so impressed & say it has bigger rooms than their three bed apartment | The Sun

A DIY guru has told how he transformed his shed into a tiny home – and people are very impressed with the results.

The man, who posts under the handle @shed_to_house_living, took to TikTok and shared a video where he can be seen giving his social media followers a tour of the newly converted space.

In the clip, he explains: "As you walk in the door you see our kitchen, now keep in mind this is a lived in space, so it's not perfectly clean, and we're still not finished building everything yet.

"We're living in it as we build it."

He goes on to say how the kitchen is followed bu the living room.

"There's our couch, cow skin rug…we tired to build it like a barn itself," he explains. "There's also a TV."


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The handyman continues: "Then we have the bedroom off to the side, that's where the magic happens…those blinds are awesome for keeping out the Texas heat, so we've got them on all our our windows.

"Then off to the side of the bedroom we have our bathroom with a big full size shower."

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The post has since gone viral, racking up over 1.7 million views and hundreds of comments – with many praising the DIY whizz on his impressive handiwork.

"Geez, this 'shed' has bigger rooms than my 3 bedroom apartment," wrote one.

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A second praised: "This is so nice.

"We all live with so much we don’t need & use. Simply perfect."

A third enthused: "Beautiful."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Wow, very nice!!!"

Another commented: "This is insane! How will you get upstairs? A ladder or actual steps?"

A further noted: "Bro! this makes me want to build a room in my backyard! I'm blown away! Great work!"

And one more added: "This is the best conversion I've seen."

Elsewhere, many were quick to pick up on the comment to bear in mind the tiny home wasn't clean.

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"Not perfectly clean? My house must be a dumpster then," joked one.

Another quipped: "'Not perfectly clean'… is literally immaculate."

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