I completely potty trained my toddler in FIVE days with a few simple tips, it’s easy & anyone can do it

ALTHOUGH seeing your small one become more independent with each day is rewarding, having to deal with all the frustration potty training involves is no fun task for anyone.

For most, it usually takes several weeks, if not months, but one mum has claimed her toddler was potty trained within five days – with the help of a few tricks.

The mum-of-one, Anna Shields, shared her tips on TikTok, with over 1.2 million people watching the video.

Her first recommendation was purchasing, or borrowing, a book specified for potty training toddlers.

The one she had picked was Let's Go to the Potty by Allison Jandu, available on Amazon.


''It's amazing, he's totally into it and he got used to the idea of using a potty.''

If possible, the mum also recommended, get your child a small potty -however, a small seat works just fine as well.

Another thing to be added to the set-up is a basket full of books in the toilet.

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This, Anna explained, is because potty training takes time.

''You have to be really patient and have something to entertain them with,'' she said whilst demonstrating the collection of literature available for her son.

When it comes to training your children to go to the loo, rewarding them with sweets often divides parents, as some insist it's unnecessary.

But, according to this mum, having sweet treats in the house is ''probably the most important thing'' of the journey.

''We have these M&M's in a clear container on the counter, so he could see them.''

Last but not least, Anna revealed, is investing in a step tool: ''So he could wash his hands which he is very excited about.''

One mum wrote: ''Both of my toddlers were trained by 2 1/2 yrs old.

''Those treats really helped 👏🏼👏🏼 also little toys as prizes and a sticker chart.''

''Parents: also try treats as in little stickers or toys!

''Starting kids out with food incentives isn’t always the best idea!'' a person thought.

A desperate mum shared: ''I’m TRYYYYING to potty train my 3 year old girl and she’s NOT HAVING IT.''

''I tried all this for 3 weeks straight and my daughter refused to go.

''She would hold it in and she just turned 3,'' was another parent's experience.

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