How to Master Timeless Italian Style, As Interpreted by Three Different Stylists

There is a certain innate chicness to Italian style; the way a woman can take the most basic wardrobe item, be it a black blazer or crisp white button-down, and make it a look entirely her own. Now, thanks to Giorgio Armani’s new capsule collection, Giorgio’s, anyone can have a piece of that style for her very own. From perfect work outfits to a sexy night out ensemble, there are countless ways to wear each item. Here, three stylists each offer their own distinct take on the Italian designer’s signature brand of elegance.

Styled by Sara Moonves

Jackets from Giorgio’s, Giorgio Armani’s new capsule collection; all other fashion Giorgio Armani.

Styled by Carlos Nazario

"Women today are self-confident and daring, and no longer need to show that they are equal to men. They do not need to give up their femininity.” —Giorgio Armani

From left: Giorgio’s coat and pants. Giorgio’s tuxedo jacket; Giorgio Armani top and tuxedo pants. Giorgio Armani dress.

Styled by Carlos Nazario

From left: Giorgio Armani vest and trousers. Giorgio’s tuxedo jacket; Giorgio Armani blouse and tuxedo pants. Giorgio’s dress.

Styled by Max Clark

"Elegance is a concept that does not change. That is why I always make small changes to modernize the classic wardrobe, but without distorting it. My thoughts and ideas go beyond trends.”

From left: Giorgio’s blazer; Giorgio Armani pants and gloves. Giorgio Armani shearling jacket, trousers, and gloves.

Styled by Max Clark

From left: Giorgio’s blouse; Giorgio Armani shirt, pants, and belt; Emporio Armani boxers. Giorgio Armani blazer from the New Normal collection; Giorgio Armani shirt, top, trousers, head scarf, belt, and gloves; Emporio Armani boxers. Giorgio Armani jacket, trousers, and gloves.

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