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How old are Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, what's the age difference between the sisters and what do they do?

But how much do you really know about them? We've got all you need to know on their early lives, careers and close relationship.

How old are Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie?

Princess Beatrice was born on August 8, 1988, making her 29 years old.

She's a Leo.

Beatrice was the first child born to the Duke and Duchess of York, also known as Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

The Duchess gave birth at London's Portland Hospital for Women and Children, and Beatrice's full name was announced as Beatrice Elizabeth Mary almost two weeks later.

The couple – who divorced in 1996 – welcomed Princess Eugenie on March 23, 1990.

Her full name is Eugenie Victoria Helena.

She's an Aries, and is currently 28 years old.

Eugenie was also born at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children.

What's the age difference between Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie?

Princess Beatrice is 19 months older than Princess Eugenie.

The sisters are known to be close, and it's likely that this is in part due to how similar they are in age.

Before Eugenie and her fiancé Jack Brooksbank moved to Kensington Palace, she and Beatrice lived together in a four-bedroom apartment at St James's Palace.

In a 2008 interview with The Telegraph, Eugenie explained why she thinks they're such good friends.

She said: "We get on fantastically well, perhaps because we do and think different things.

"I am definitely not as polite as Beatrice, I have to say. I tell it as it is. I am shyer at first.

"Like, at a party I will say to Beatrice as we go in: 'Oh, you go first.'

"But then, when we're actually in, I am much louder and she is far more polite and solicitous."

What do Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie do for a living?

Princess Beatrice is vice-president of partnerships and strategy for Afiniti, a US-based technology company.

She received a BA in History and History of Ideas from London's Goldsmiths College, graduating in 2011 with a 2:1 degree.

Princess Eugenie works as an associate director at contemporary art gallery Hauser & Wirth.

She also has a degree, leaving Newcastle University in 2012 with a 2:1 in English Literature and History of Art.

In the sisters' first ever joint interview in August 2018, Beatrice explained that it's tough being working royals as there's no "precedent" or "protocol" for their lives.

She told Vogue: "We are the first: we are young women trying to build careers and have personal lives, and we’re also princesses, and doing all of this in the public eye."

Eugenie added: "We want to show people who we are as working, young, royal women, but also not to be afraid of putting ourselves out there.

"We're real."

Eugenie is marrying her fiance Jack in October.

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