How many calories are there in your McDonald's meals and what are the best menu picks if on a diet?

MANY people love nothing more than tucking into a cheeky McDonald’s meal – and their burgers, nuggets and fries keep people coming back for more. 

But how many calories are you demolishing with their popular meal options, and which are best for when you are on a diet?

The NHS recommended daily calorie intake of 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men.

But how do the classic Big Mac and McChicken sandwiches fare?

How many calories are there in your McDonald's meals? 

Big Mac, large fries and a large Coke – 1,350kcal

Big Mac burgers are one of the staple McDonald items and will set you back 694kcal. 

If you turn this into a large meal, you could be ramping up the calories, as large fries are 444kcal and a large Coke is 212kcal.

Note, for those who go for medium fries (337kcal) and a medium Coke (170kcal) this will take your meal calories down to 1,201kcal. 

Meanwhile, small fries (237kcal), a small Coke (106kcal) will reduce it to 1,037.

And of course people who choose Coke Zero will consume no calories, with Diet Coke less than two calories.

You can use the calorie calculator on McDonald’s yourself here.



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Nuggets, large fries and a large Fanta – 766kcal

If nuggets are more your thing, you could cut down on your calories by a considerate amount. 

If you select six chicken nuggets, this will be 259kcal, with fries being 444kcal for a large or 337kcal for a medium.

Fanta lovers will consume less calories than Coke lovers, as it is 95kcal for a large or 76kcal for a medium.

McChicken sandwich, large fries and a strawberry milkshake – 1,290kcal

If you are tucking into a large McChicken sandwich meal with a milkshake, you could be looking at over half your daily calories. 

McChicken sandwiches are 388kcal, with strawberry milkshakes being 458kcal for a large, or 356kcal for a medium, plus the fries on top.

A medium McChicken sandwich meal will take it down to 1,081kcal.

Double cheeseburger, large fries, Coke Zero and Sweet and Sour dip – 933kcal

Another classic is a double cheeseburger, and this has 445kcals.

Add large fries (444kcal), and Sweet and Sour dip (44cal) and you are still below 1,000 calories.

McPlant burger, large fries, water and tangy tomato dip

The new McPlant Burger, which is certified by the Vegan society, is 420 kcals – around the same as a double cheeseburger.

Adopting a similar meal deal, with large fries (444 kcals) and a tangy tomato dip (41 kcals), a vegan alternative proves to be just as healthy.

What are the best McDonald's menu picks if on a diet?

McDonald's is so often demonised as “junk food” that will sabotage a diet.

But, contrary to common belief, the fast-food favourite doesn’t need to be binned off while watching your weight.

One of Britain’s top nutritionists Graeme Tomlinson said: "Be sure to know that being overweight is not because of calorie dense fast food, but one’s management of it."

In fact, Adele has revealed she still eats McDonald’s once a week despite her incredible weight loss transformation and shedding more than 100lbs.

Here are some of the McDonald’s offerings that you can tuck into without worrying about the numbers.

Garlic mayo chicken wrap, fruit and water – 390kcal

If you are looking for a quick lunch option, why not try their garlic mayo chicken grilled wrap, with a bottle of water and a bag of fruit.

And forget the under 500-calorie target, this one doesn’t even reach 400.

McChicken sandwich, side salad, diet drink – 428kcal

It’s not just salads and healthy wraps that you can enjoy.

McDonald’s offers a McChicken sandwich combo for between 422 and 464 calories, depending on what you pair it with.

If you pick a fruit bag, carrot sticks or a side salad, and choose a diet drink, black or white coffee, espresso, regular tea or water, you will be smashing your target.

Chicken nuggets, side salad, water – 298kcal

Many people are fans of the McDonald’s chicken nuggets, and thankfully you can have a selection and still keep under your target.

Six nuggets, a side salad and water will use up 298kcals of your daily allowance, and give you the option of a few dips in the ketchup.

We’ve picked out 10 combinations of McDonald’s favourites to show how easy it is to make a meal that’s lower in calories.

  1. Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries and Large Diet Coke: 784 calories 
  2. Double Big Mac and Diet Coke: 694 calories 
  3. MChicken Sandwich and Cadbury Crunchie McFlurry: 685 calories 
  4. Triple Cheeseburger and Small Fries: 825 calories
  5. Mayo Chicken and Large Fries: 763 calories
  6. Six Chicken McNuggets and Smarties McFlurry: 532 calories 
  7. Big Mac and Small Coke: 614 calories
  8. Double Mayo Chicken and Large Fries: 814 calories
  9. The Spicy Veggie One and Vanilla Milkshake: 688 calories
  10. Filet-o-Fish and Medium Fries: 666 calories

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