How James 'Arg' Argent got Gemma Collins' candy – from their 'electric' sex life to the rows that keep her interested

IT’S hard to believe it’s only been a decade since Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent crashed onto our screens on The Only Way Is Essex, changing the face of Reality TV in the UK forever. 

But, to this date, they’re the one couple who have captured our attention with their fierce break-ups and adorable make-ups. 

Now, despite having spent these long, lockdown weeks apart, sources say the pair are stronger than ever and still focused on a future which involves the pitter-patter of tiny feet and possibly wedding bells too. 

But how did cheeky warbler Arg really get (and keep) The GC’s candy after she famously told him he ‘was never going to get it’? 


Whilst Arg, 32, was with fellow TOWIE alumni Lydia Bright, 29, when the show first started, it was only a matter of time before he and The GC found each other.

They met in 2011, when Gemma very publicly declared that ‘You’re never gonna get this candy’ and it wasn’t until 2017 that Arg declared his love for Gemma on that year’s Christmas special after years of cat and mouse that was witnessed by the nation.

“They both had the same mentality of ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ and it worked,” a source close to the pair said. 

“James could be cruel to Gemma on screen, comparing her to Lydia, for example and Gemma’s blunt home- truths about Arg often cut him deep. 

“But in the long-run, it made them inseparable. They are very evenly matched.”


And it’s not just their mental approach to romance that sees them on a level playing field, it’s the physical side of things too. 

“One thing we know is their sex life is electric, they have the best sex life,” our source revealed. 

“Despite Gemma being very coy, rumour has it that Arg is exceptionally well endowed! 

“They’ve been sleeping together now for about eight years and they say that each other is the best the other has ever had. 

“Sex is a massive reason they are together – they have never had it better.”


But while there’s fireworks in the bedroom, to say it’s been a rocky road for the couple would be an understatement, with the public witness to their ups and downs.

After a stint on Celebs Go Dating in 2018 resulting in an ill-fated love affair with car dealer Laurence Hearn and a full two years since Arg’s split with Lydia, it looked like their future was, well, bright for Arg and Gemma.

But following years of dating and then not dating and then dating again, the couples’ most recent split was in October 2019 reportedly due to his refusal to go into rehab to deal with his cocaine addiction.

Since then, Arg has openly admitted his is a cocaine addict and suffered two near fatal overdoses.

It was also revealed that Gemma was the one who alerted the emergency services that saved his life.

Gemma’s unwavering support through his drug battle has also been one of the things that has solidified their bond. 

“She’s been incredibly supportive,” our source said.

 “She wants to protect him from the limelight until he’s recovered which could be over a year until he’s properly clean.” 

Arg too sees Gemma, 39, as his main motivation to get and stay clean after being a heavy user for seven years. 

“Arg has really proven how much Gemma means to him by kicking his drug habit, getting help and sticking to it. 

“It feels like they’ve turned a corner and like so many couples, lockdown has shown them what is really important to them.” 

While Gemma has spent the time in isolation with her brother on his grounds in the countryside, Arg has been at his £1.3million home in South Woodford, North London.


So could we hear the chiming of wedding bells soon? Perhaps. 

In an exclusive chat with The Sun last year, Arg revealed he wanted to lose seven stone before he married Gemma and it looks like he might do it.

He recently stepped out showing off an impressive five stone weight loss and Gemma has also slimmed down following advice from her doctor that she needed to lose weight in order to facilitate falling pregnant.

“They both want to get married and have children so his being clean and sober is Gemma’s absolute number one proviso for that to happen,” said their pal. 

“At 39 she is aware that time might not be on her side so knows what she wants and isn’t settling for any less.

“Like so many people all over the world, lockdown has been tough on the couple but it’s made them both take stock of what they want for the future together.

“Gemma also really looks after him, even when they aren’t together. She’s his rock! He can’t live without her basically,” our source added. 

“This is for life – they will get married and they will have a baby and it could be as soon as next year.”

Arg had only just returned from rehab in Thailand when the lockdown was announced but he’s managed to achieve both his weight loss goals and his drug rehabilitation. 

Posting on Instagram he wrote, “Thank you so much everyone for your support, it’s been overwhelming. 

“I’m so lucky to have family, friends and an amazing girlfriend that truly love & care about me. I’m praying for all the suffering addicts out there today. 

“It’s early stages but I’m proud to say I’m nearly 5 months clean/sober and have lost 5 stone in weight. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS ❤️.”


Although the pair know they can turn to one another for anything, our sources say that “they still can fight like cats and dogs” but over the years have learnt when to stop before taking it too far. 

“They know how to push one another’s buttons but the reason they fight is the same reason they work so well together – because they have so much in common. 

“They like the same things, same food, places to go on holiday. For example they’re both obsessed with Italy and the old school mafia history, watching gangster movies and shows together,” the pals said.

“She also loves his singing and by turn he loves her success, her sense of humour and boundless confidence.

“He thinks she’s really sexy and GC is very generous, buying him designer clothes etc.

“At the same time though they both know it’s unconditional love with them – they've been through so much.”

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