How do I stop dust collecting on surfaces straight after I’ve cleaned? – The Sun

YOU feel satisfied that you finally found time to deep clean your apartment after a busy few days.

But you wake up the next morning, and annoyingly, dust has already collected on the surfaces that you cleaned, what do you do?

How to remove dust from surfaces?

Dust can be annoying to remove but here we give you a simple and cheap way on how you can do so.

The best thing to use to avoid dust collecting is a fabric softener sheet.

Another way to keep dust off your static electronic items such as TVs or computer screens is by using fabric softener sheets.

The sheets reduce static cling and also can wipe away any built-up dust that has already gathered there.

The handy items can also be used for wiping blinds and any surface that frequently attracts dust.

The tip comes from book Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things, as detailed on Reader's Digest.

It's full of other dusting hacks too, including an ingenious one for cleaning fans.

Anyone who's tried to dust one on the ceiling will know the horror of accidentally showering yourself in muck.

It doesn't need to be that way though – all you need to help is a pillow case.

Simply place the opening of the case over a blade and slide fully over it.

The dirt will cling to the inside of the case and not be wafted over the room.

How to stop dust collecting on surfaces straight after I've cleaned?

The best way to avoid dust coating your TV screen or plastic household items is to prevent it occurring in the first place.

You can do this using something you won't expect – fabric softener.

Static from the screen attracts dust, which is why it'll still be coated right after you've cleaned.

But it can be removed by dampening a duster with fabric softener and wiping it over the screen.

Use a clean cloth to prevent smearing and only use a tiny amount of liquid so the cloth isn't dripping wet.



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How to get rid of dust mites?

Dust mites can pile up in your bedding and any furniture with fabric if it is not cleaned regularly.

To reduce dust mites, make sure to wash your bedding once every week at least, the latest being two weeks.

Another tip is removing wall-to-wall carpeting and reducing the temperature in your home.

The hotter your house, the more dust mites you are likely to attract.

Dust mites also really love humidity, so make sure to keep the air flowing with a fan and maybe open a window or two.

To kill dust mites, natural oil are the ways.

You can mix a few drops of oil with baking soda and sprinkle them over fabric surfaces which were invaded by dust mites.

You can leave it for at least an hour and then just vacuum it up to remove it.



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