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Interest in astrology has gone stratospheric with millions of us turning to the zodiac to consult our cosmic compass.

Whether you want to know what job you should be doing, where to get a tattoo or if Roger from HR is ever going to propose, the answer could be written in the stars.

Astrology has been around in various forms for thousands of years, but now horoscope junkies like us want to know more about the zodiac than ever before.

So whether you're a limelight loving Leo, sultry Scorpio or MI5-minded Virgo (she keeps receipts), reach for the stars and tap into what the universe is trying to tell you.

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  • Maria Hummer


    By now, most of us are familiar with the term ‘birth chart’ and we might even know what ours is.

    But did you know that astrology can be used to check the influence of the stars on anything — not just people?

    According to an article on The Washington Post, TikTok-famous astrologer Maren Altman has been using birth charts to make predictions about cryptocurrency.

    It is her belief that birth charts can also be drawn up for the creation date of things — including bitcoin.

    So next time you’re looking for investment tips, or even advice on an ongoing project, consider checking what the stars say!

  • Lydia Hawken


    Basically, the function of Venus astrologically is to tell us how we gel with people and give and receive love.

    The planet of beauty, love and extreme pleasure tells us a heap of things about the kind of person we are, who we are attracted to and what turns us on.

    It tells us what type of relationship we really need and all the things that give us butterflies.

  • Lydia Hawken


    With summer just around the corner and lockdown lifting, most people are itching to book in a staycation with their pals, but which is better suited to you?

    PsychicWorld.com has matched a weekend staycation idea to the personality trait of each 12 horoscopes – meaning your holiday plans have just got so much easier. 

    Aries: Music Festivals 

    Taurus: Hiking Holiday 

    Gemini: Glamping 

    Cancer: Spa Weekend Find more on signs and their perfect staycations here.

  • Lydia Hawken


    There's no better bond than sharing the same star sign as someone – similar traits and common ground can form the best of friendships. But for some signs, it can be hard to find someone with the same star as you. 

    Some signs aren't as common as the rest – according to YourTango, Virgo or are the most common zodiac signs, with the most common birth month said to be September. 

    The rarest sign? That's Aquarius – it's the shortest sign astrologically (January 20 to February 18) which means it has fewer birthdays.

  • Lydia Hawken


    Astrology has its own legion of fans all across the globe, so it's no surprise that it's been given its very own special day. 

    International Astrology Day usually falls sometime in March, with this year's celebration taking place on March 20. 

    Sure, it's an excuse to talk all things astrology and the zodiac, but the day actually holds huge importance to astrologers. They consider the day to be the beginning of the new astrological year. 

    That's why, if you hadn't noticed, horoscope pages always start with Aries.

  • Lydia Hawken


    Interior design experts have shared their tips on how to style and furnish your home according to your star sign.

    Whether you like bold colours or a white and minimalist scheme, it turns out your tastes are more influenced by your star sign than you think.UK-based firm, The French Bedroom Company, have revealed what furniture, colours and fabrics you should use to decorate your home.Writing in a blog post, they said: “By using your star sign to help make interior design decisions, you can create a warm and welcoming space that truly reflects your inner character. Read more here.

  • Lydia Hawken


    We all have 10 planets in our birth chart, and Neptune is one of them.

    Your sun sign shows what you want, the moon reveals what you need and Mercury reveals how you think, but what exactly does Neptune uncover?

    According to YourTango, the blue planet Neptune is associated with dreams and spirituality. It's all about tweaking our compass (sounds painful) to better ourselves.

    However while full of fantasy and whimsy, Neptune is not all fun time Frankie.

    While the planet can inspire exhilarating idealism, if we fail to reach its dizzying heights the come down can be heavy.

    However, reasoning and reality are anathema to Neptune because it's basically in charge of our hopes and dreams.Blimey, it sounds intense. To find out which sign your Neptune is in, just check in with your birth chart here.

  • Lydia Hawken


    Most astrologers will agree that Cancerians are the most emotional sign of the zodiac.

    We all have intense feelings, but Cancers feel emotions so strongly that wearing their heart on their shell is normal comes as second nature.

    Despite their hard shell they need a lot of reassurance, so if you're dating a Cancer, tell them how they much they mean to you and tell them again.

    We give you the same advice if you're dating a Leo, but that's because they love to hear it not because they need to.

    Even though Cancers are classic water signs, which basically means they're all up in the feeling all the time, they won't let anyone take them for a fool.

  • Lydia Hawken


    According to elitedaily, a stellium occurs when you've got a collection of the same type of energy within your birth chart.

    This is when you have three or more planets in one specific zodiac sign or astrological house.

    A stellium affects our personality by making certain qualities, characteristics, and themes in your life more apparent than others.It makes your personality a lot stronger. In fact, a stellium is so powerful that it can potentially reduce the strength of your sun sign — if it's not in your stellium.

  • Lydia Hawken


    We reckon the honeymoon is the best bit of a wedding and with the world starting to open up, we thought we'd look at the perfect place to wear your matching swimsuits according to your star sign.

    From a highland fling in Scotland to a vacay in Hawaii that simply screams Instagram, according to jetsetter where you'll get to spend quality time as a couple could be written in the stars.

    Aries: South Africa

    Taurus: Amalfi Coast

    Gemini: Hawaii

    Cancer: Scotland

    Leo: Turks and Caicos

    Virgo: Petra

    Libra: Spain

    Scorpio: Ecuador

    Sagittarius: Sri Lanka

    Capricorn: South America

    Aquarius: Iceland

    Pisces: Bali

  • Lydia Hawken


    WELL, dear friends, the time has almost come for us to slip on our sandals and gaze into bae's eyes without the lashing rain betraying our fake tan.

    As we get ready for some long-awaited freedom we thought we'd take a look at the perfect dates according to our star signs and if you think we're even considering a Zoom call, think again!

    Aries – Salsa Lessons

    Taurus – Fancy Restaurant

    Gemini – Drive-in Movie

    Cancer – Home-cooked Meal

    Leo – Karaoke Bar

    Virgo – Bowling

    Libra – Art Gallery

    Scorpio – Treasure Hunt

    Sagittarius – Foreign Film

    Capricorn – Spa Day

    Aquarius – Science Museum

    Pisces – Picnic

  • Lydia Hawken


    Each house represents a different aspect of life, from romance to career, and every planet in your chart is nestled in both a sign and a house.

    These two placements highlight how a planet’s influence can affect your life.

    Now even we're getting a bit confused with all of this, but according to wellandgood a good place to start is to find out which house your sun sign is in.

    To do this, just put in your birth time, place, and location into a natal chart, like this one online, and scroll down to the description of your sun sign. There, you’ll find out what house it’s in.

    According to astrologer Chani Nicholas: “The house that the sun is in within your chart tells you a key area of life in which your essential life purpose is lived out and where you need to express yourself.”

  • Lydia Hawken


    The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animal signs and the Western zodiac consists of 12 star signs.

    The story about how the Chinese Animals came about is that a race was organized by the Jade Emperor – one of the most important gods in traditional Chinese religion. 

    The Emperor invited all the animals in the world to take part. As a reward for turning up, the Emperor named a year in the zodiac after each one, while the race would determine the order each animal would be placed.

    Chinese Animals in order:  Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

    The ancient Egyptians contributed the idea that patterns of stars made up constellations, through which the sun appears to “move” at a specific times during the year. It's thought that all of these ideas came together when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt around 330 BC.

  • Lydia Hawken


    A UK-based astrologer, Sasha Fenton, has shared the professions suited to each star sign – everything from a police officer to a nurse, a lawyer and even a celeb – in her new book The Magic of Astrology for Health, Home and Happiness.

    Aries: Police officer, teacher, engineer

    Taurus: Chef, builder, designer

    Gemini: Journalist or an accountant

    Cancer: Pension planner, childminder, shop owner

    Leo: Celebrity, high-flying executive or a diamond merchant

    Virgo: Writer, software programmer, nurse

    Libra: Lawyer, employment agent, decorator

    Scorpio: Doctor, solider or management consultant

    Sagittarius: Travel consultant, carpenter or broadcaster.

    Capricorn: Banker, publisher, theatre owner

    Aquarius: Inventor, astrologer, designer 

    Pisces: Artist, musician, wellness teacher

  • Lydia Hawken


    It comes as no surprise that dreamy Pisces is at the top of the list. One of their strong suits is compassion, and they easily become absorbed in the feelings of others.

    They are a caring type and are concerned about the well-being of their friends and loved ones.

    Cancer is known for being a sensitive sign, and not just to their own feelings — they can easily pick up and absorb the emotions of others.

    Their strong intuition can sometimes be overwhelming because it’s almost impossible to turn off.

  • Lydia Hawken


    To make the most of this astrological event, it’s important to take a close look at what you no longer need as well as the new seeds you wish to plant. 

    For relationships, this new moon solar eclipse brings a great opportunity to communicate more openly and honestly. Do remember to be courteous with one another (Mercury is still in retrograde, after all!), but that doesn’t mean you need to sugarcoat everything. Be honest about what you need and try to make sure you’re both on the same page. You don’t have to agree on everything, but you should try and understand where the other person is coming from.

    If something feels ‘off’, that’s your intuition speaking to you and you would do well to listen! You have to take care of yourself before worrying about the needs of others. You might find that you easily slip into reminiscence with friends and loved ones, which can be enjoyable, but make sure you don’t miss out on the present because of re-living the past.

    In terms of your home life, you might experience the strong urge to tidy, re-organise, and get rid of clutter. A change of scenery is also a good idea, so make sure you’re getting out enough and not staying cooped up indoors.

  • Lydia Hawken

    When is Jupiter in retrograde in 2021? 

    Jupiter retrograde is due to begin on June 20 and it will last until October 18, meaning that this retrograde will rule all of summer 2021 and much of autumn.

    The planet Jupiter governs our social rather than personal sphere, meaning that the effects of this retrograde will be felt on a larger scale (e.g. family, society, and the world at large). 

    But don’t worry too much — in general, it is thought that Jupiter retrograde is a time to inspire reflection, growth, and deeper thought.

    There may also be confusion and stress rising to the surface, but this is likely to stimulate positive change and lead to new opportunities opening up, so get ready!

  • Lydia Hawken


    When Mercury goes retrograde, it means that it appears to go backwards if you look at it from Earth. 

    It’s just an optical illusion because Mercury’s shorter orbit makes it look like it hustles past Earth, slows down and then moves in a backwards loop.

     Even so, this thrice-annual event wreaks havoc here!

    Typically, during a Mercury Retrograde, travel, communication, technology and commercial deals are all affected negatively by things like delays, glitches, crossed wires and unforeseen problems. It’s a time to lay low, simplify your life, be super vigilant and build in extra time to do everything.

  • Lydia Hawken


    Geminis will have their world rocked most, as it’s their season and Mercury is their ruler. 

    The key thing is to stay focused on what you want to maintain, or even create, during this time, and fix your energy. 

    Remain flexible to change, but true to your priorities.

    Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius are the other three mutable signs (meaning they’re born, like Gemini, at the end of a season and are naturally susceptible and adaptable people). 

    This retrograde may see you finding yourself feeling disoriented, confused or cynical about changes forced upon you, but ride the wave because this uncomfortable sensation is a signal for true change. 

    You will come out of this with new insight and a stronger plan for the future. 

    Aquarius and Libra are Gemini’s fellow Air signs and are likely to benefit from the mental ~chaos~ stimulated by a retrograde, in that it will stir up as many opportunities as obstacles, and lots of new ideas and creative sparks.

  • Lydia Hawken


    Astrologers around the world celebrate their love of the stars on March 20 which is considered the start of the astrological year.

    Former president of the International Society of Astrological Research Gisele Terry told Astrology Hub: “Astrology is truly a global language.

    “We are all under the same sky. Sharing both our common and diverse perspectives on how we relate to the stars is the gift of International Astrology Day.”

  • Ellen Jenne


    After a year of living with uncertainty in lockdown, it’s no wonder many of us are struggling to sleep. 

    So why not take inspiration from your star sign and find the perfect formula to help you relax and drift off into a slumber?

    Whether you like to sleep surrounded by crystals or with aromatherapy oils in the air, bed specialist Time4Sleep has teamed up with astrologist, Lisa Stardust, to reveal how your sleeping habits are connected to your zodiac. 

    Lisa has revealed the top tips to follow in your pursuit of eight hours of rest – or 11 (we’re looking at you Pisces!)

    Aries: 6-7

    Taurus: 8-10

    Gemini: 8

    Cancer: 6-8

    Leo: 10

    Virgo: 7-8

    Libra: 8

    Scorpio: 8-10

    Sagittarius: 5

    Capricorn: 7 (with a 30-minute power nap)

    Aquarius: 9

    Pisces: 11

  • Ellen Jenne


    We reckon the honeymoon is the best bit of a wedding and with the world starting to open up, we thought we'd look at the perfect place to wear your matching swimsuits according to your star sign.

    From a highland fling in Scotland to a vacay in Hawaii that simply screams Instagram, according to jetsetter where you'll get to spend quality time as a couple could be written in the stars.

    Aries: South Africa

    Taurus: Amalfi Coast

    Gemini: Hawaii

    Cancer: Scotland

    Leo: Turks and Caicos

    Virgo: Petra

    Libra: Spain

    Scorpio: Ecuador

    Sagittarius: Sri Lanka

    Capricorn: South America

    Aquarius: Iceland

    Pisces: Bali

  • Ellen Jenne


    Even though power planet Pluto is the furthest away from earth it still packs a mighty punch astrologically.

    This planet's placement in our chart signifies what we need to bin in order to welcome in the shiny and new.

    According to findyourfate, Pluto is likely to bring about major changes when the beans have been spilt, babe.

    Think drunken texts, heart to hearts and horror of all horrors, hacking into bae's email account. Curiosity killed the cat for a reason dear friends.

    Pluto is also associated with things that we are holding on to in life which we should probably get rid off.

    We know we'll feel better when we do but we also know those old socks are comfortable, despite all the holes…

    Ultimately though, Pluto helps us to progress in life. At the moment the planet is bowling around the determined house of Capricorn and will be there until 2024. You can find out which sign your Pluto is in here.

  • Ellen Jenne

    What star sign was Princess Diana?

    THE royals can sometimes seem larger than life, but the fact is they, like the rest of us, are often at the mercy of the fate woven for them in the stars.

    Princess Diana's star sign had a huge influence on the kind of person she was, so read on to find out how her horoscope played out in her life.

    What was Princess Diana's star sign?

    Princess Diana was born under the sign of Cancer. As one of the water signs in the zodiac, feelings tend to be a major driving factor in people with this sign in their birth chart.

    She became known as "the People's Princess" and this was probably due to her huge capacity for empathy – another common characteristic of Cancerians.

    Cancer is a star sign that is ruled by the moon, and so intuition and creativity also strongly feature.

    However, Cancers are known for their sensitive nature and their need for connection with others. They're not the sort who can just toughen up and take it.

    How did Princess Diana's star sign influence her life?

    Rather than outwardly seek help and support, Cancerians will tend to retreat into their shell when feeling overwhelmed.

    You may never know their true feelings until it's finally too much.

    We all know the tragic end to Princess Diana's story, but her sign also had an enormously positive influence in her life.

    Having the strong maternal instincts of a Cancer meant that a lot of energy was channelled into making sure her sons felt loved and supported.

    Her nurturing energy was also heavily directed toward the country as a whole, meaning that she is largely beloved by the people to this day.

    How did Princess Diana's star sign affect her relationships?

    Her husband Prince Charles is a Scorpio, another water sign that is known for being emotionally intense.

    Both Cancers and Scorpios long for true romance, and only relationships built on love will work for these deep-feeling signs.

    We know now that Charles was under pressure to tie the knot with Diana, and this Scorpio was never going to be satisfied with a marriage just for show.

  • Ellen Jenne


    Stephanie Trussler, from Worcestershire, admitted she is such a fan of the zodiac she’s made huge life decisions based on what they advise.

    From dating and dumping blokes to moving countries, Stephanie loves her horoscopes. 

    ‘I know people think I’m bonkers,’ she laughed. 

    Read the full story.

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