Hilarious innocent drawings by kids that are actually REALLY rude

STICKING your child's latest piece of art to the fridge door is a rite of passage for countless parents – but not all their portraits are going to be kitchen-friendly.

Earlier this week, mortified mum Amelia Barnhouse revealed how her daughter's nursery had mistaken her drawing of a "slide" for a penis  before pulling her aside for a serious chat.

Following the story, This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield invited viewers to send in their children's most bizarre portraits – and the results certainly did not disappoint.

Along with a family portrait recreation that went seriously awry, Facebook users also submitted  screenshots of their children's laugh-out-loud spelling errors and questionable sculptures.

In other words, some of these legendary works of art might be better off gathering dust in the attic than having pride of place on the fridge door…


Rising to the occasion

Piggy back ride

Monster munch

Trophy time

Kiss a lot of frogs

Tight spot

Fill in the blank

Total bust

Bombs away!

Take a long, hard look

Bum deal

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