Heron Preston SS21 Employs the "K.I.S.S." Design Ethos

Heron Preston’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, like his recent Levi’s collaboration, is a celebration of the Brooklyn-based creative’s strengths, offering a refined assortment of workwear staples with premium craft. The SS21 range, “K.I.S.S.,” also strips back the output of Preston’s eponymous brand, tightening the selection in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and Preston’s desire to reduce garment waste.

Taking on a back-to-basics approach, Preston has channeled anxiety into creativity, issuing an approachable assortment of his signature pieces in updated makes. There are patched raw denim separates, amethyst-toned hoodies and accessories informed by Preston’s functional bent — for instance, handbags are realized in the shape of toolboxes. Various garments utilize upcycled textiles to drive home Preston’s waste-not, want-not mentality, with recycled nylon and polyester accompanied by organic cotton and biodegradable components, the latter of which is utilized for the collection’s iPhone cases.

“I looked at our best performing pieces, and pieces that had become emblematic of what we do,” Preston in a press release. “Even before COVID-19 hit, I felt that I was doing too much, too much, too much. This collection is smaller, with a greater focus on our core strengths.”

Preston’s next collection will arrive at stockists like HBX early next year, which includes items designed in collaboration with Caterpillar and Gentle Monster.

Most recently, Preston oversaw the design of Gen.G’s 2020 ‘League of Legends’ World Championship jerseys.
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