Hailey Baldwin's Ray-Bans Are, Like, Suuuper Discounted for Prime Day Today

After years spent studying the outfits of every stylish celeb in the game, I’ve figured out their secret to looking unattainably cool 100% of the time. No, it’s not designer clothing or winning the genetic lottery – ok, well, yes it is – but it’s also wearing really, really good sunglasses.

Wanna test my theory? Ok, let’s take a look at Hailey Baldwin, whose wardrobe always hits on the perfect combination of trendy streetwear and high-fashion prestige. Whenever the model steps out, she’s almost always wearing a pair of statement shades. Ex: here’s Hailey yesterday, looking dope as sh*t in a pair of octagonal wire frames.

There she is again, wearing a chunky, angular pair that are positively dripping in glamour.

One of the staple pairs she reaches for time and again are Ray-Ban’s famed Wayfarer glasses, in timeless black.

The easy, unisex design is simple, elegant, and always in style. But with that three-digit price tag, they’re an investment us non-Hailey Baldwins can’t necessarily afford to make. For today only, though, the usual $200 cost has been cut. For Amazon Prime Day (Oct. 13-14), they’ve been marked down 20% for Prime members, bringing the price to a somewhat more affordable $163.

On top of that, Ray-Ban has slashed prices on some of their other popular styles exclusively for Prime members, like the Flat Lens Oval and the Hexagonal Lense Sunglasses (a favorite of Kendall Jenner).

Like I said, the Prime Day bargains will disappear at midnight tonight, so if you wanna scoop these, you better RUN.

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