Girlfriend busts her bloke looking at other girls online by holding a mirror with her FEET

LET'S be honest – a chilled out evening with our partner usually consists of us sitting on the sofa while we both scroll away on our phones.

Well if you ever wondered what your other half is looking at while you mindlessly add things to your online shopping basket, then you might want to take a leaf out of this woman's book.

Earlier this month, 19-year-old Dominika suspected her boyfriend Fabrício Spencer was looking at other girls' profiles on Instagram when she decided to take matters into her own hands… or should we say, feet?

Knowing he probably wouldn't come clean, the savvy girlfriend decided to spy on Fabríco's social media habits using a clever mirror trick.

The teen held a small mirror in between her feet and angled it so she could see over Fabríco's shoulder.

Just as she suspected, Dominika caught her boyfriend scrolling through other women's Instagram pages and zooming in on their photos.

The clueless lad only managed to look at two photos before realising that he was being watched.

And needless to say, he was completely shocked by his girlfriend's ingenious spying method – and others were thankful for the tip.

One replied: "Good idea!"

Another joked: "Wow – dummy!"

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