Get EmRata’s Body-Sculpting Sun-Kissed Tan With This Product

As temperatures begin to rise, hemlines come up, sleeves shorten and tummies begin to show. But no need to stress if you don’t feel “beach body ready.” Emily Ratajkowski Opens a New Window. , the queen of skin-baring attire Opens a New Window. (or lack there of), has a super simple and easy way to boost confidence and look flawless: self-tanner. More specifically, Bondi Sands’ new self-tanning foam Aero Opens a New Window. .

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She gets a sculpted, full-body glow Opens a New Window. thanks to this brand new $29 formula. As a fan of the brand for years, she attended the launch part on April 13 looking sun-kissed and absolutely gorgeous. Wearing a polka dot skirt and matching crop top, the brunette beauty’s ensemble gracefully balanced classic with sexy.

As stunning as she looked, it was her ripped abs and tanned limbs that we couldn’t help but admire. EmRata’s body is on the most enviable in Hollywood. Sure, that’s in part to diet, exercise and genetics, but with a little bit of self-tanner in the right places, you can channel a bit of her glowy magic. It’s all about accentuating shadows. For example, to make arms look leaner, you can apply a little bit more underneath and in the crook of your bicep. It’s the same trick Victoria Secret models use to prep Opens a New Window. before the big runway show.

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Turns out, the 27-year-old model isn’t the only fan — the new product sold out days after it launched over the weekend.

If you’re always on the go (and who isn’t?) the hydrating formula only takes 60 seconds to dry. And one of the other best parts is it doesn’t have that stinky, chemical smell so many self-tanners have. Instead it has a light and fresh coconut scent that is the perfect hint of sweetness our summer-selves crave. Seems like a warm-weather must-have to Us!

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