Gardening Mrs Hinch fans have revealed the clever tricks to banish pesky ants from your home for good | The Sun

FANS of Mrs Hinch have shared their top remedies for banishing pesky ants from your home – and they're all budget-friendly.

The welcome arrival of spring comes with sunshine, boozy BBQs, as well as annoying ants taking over your garden.

Although they are entirely harmless, these tiny insects can ruin your food, causing quite the mess.

Luckily, fans of the cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch – also known as Sophie Hinchliffe – have come to rescue with a couple of easy hacks to tackle the issue.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips on Facebook, Nice Christos wrote: “We seem to have an ant invasion in my lounge, any tips to get rid of them completely?”

The post soon racked up over 50 comments from fellow members of the popular group, many of whom recommended using a common baking staple.

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Nicky Littlewood advised: “Use icing sugar. They can’t digest it and will stop them in their tracks, leave it near where you see them.”

Ellie Scott said: “Use icing sugar near where they are. It’s the cheapest method I’ve found which doesn’t leave a nasty smell in your home.”

Margaret Grey agreed: “Sprinkle icing sugar where you see them and they will pick it up on their feet and take it back to their nests.”

Another fan of the method was Sarah Pritchard who penned: “Baking soda with icing sugar was the only thing that worked for me.”

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Alison Gee praised the hack, saying: “Yes icing sugar and baking soda worked for me too. Make sure to top it up every day.”

The inexpensive ingredient can be purchased from any supermarket, but Lidl sells theirs for a mere 72p.

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Meanwhile, others recommended using talcum powder which attracts the pests the exact same way – but it doesn’t have the sweet scent.

The powder can be sprinkled around windows, door, as well as on kitchen surfaces.

Jules Radbourne advised Nice to use cinnamon.

She explained: “Use cinnamon, they absolutely hate it. Sprinkle some powder around the sides of your house.”

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