From mastectomy to maternity, Sun readers lavish love on their favourite bras

A GOOD bra is a real bosom buddy.

Sun columnist Lorraine Kelly recently revealed she sleeps in hers – and credits it for keeping her boobs perky.

We all have our favourites, quirks and habits. But does one bra sit head and shoulders above the others in your smalls drawer?

Here, six women tell Lynsey Clarke and Claire Dunwell what their favourite bra means to them . . . and why they could never part with it.

Mastectomy bra

EMILY MAKIN had a mastectomy in July after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The full-time mum of two had surgery to remove her right breast and says wearing her Amoena mastectomy bra reminds her she is cancer-free.

Emily, 28, who lives in Wigan with husband Andy, a call operative, and sons Harrison, three, and Freddie, two, says:

"Although I have one breast, I feel normal wearing my mastectomy bra. It is a size 38D and I put a prosthesis in one side. Everything feels good when I am wearing it. Clothes fit better and it helps me feel womanly and confident.

"I was 27 when I felt a lump in my breast. It seemed to appear overnight. I rarely checked myself because

"I thought I was too young to develop something like breast cancer. As soon as I was diagnosed, I had surgery followed by four months of chemotherapy and 15 sessions of radiotherapy.

"Afterwards, it didn’t cross my mind to buy a mastectomy bra – until a couple of months ago, I went shopping for an outfit to wear to a friend’s wedding. When I tried on clothes with the mastectomy bra underneath, it gave me a better shape.

"My hair fell out during my treatment and although it is growing back, the bra makes me feel more feminine.

"Now I wear my mastectomy bra for special occasions but at home I go braless. Andy doesn’t care whether I wear a bra or not. He loves me the way I am."

Power bra

MASSAGE therapist Kerrie Newton has always been self-conscious of her 32B chest. She paid £70 for her Marlies Dekkers bra five years ago and feels more confident when she is wearing it.

Kerrie, 41, who lives with partner Jimmy Campbell, 45, a PE teacher, in Barnet, North London, says:

"My favourite bra makes me stand taller, feel glamorous and more confident. Although it doesn’t make my boobs look any bigger, it’s all in the detail.

"The straps glisten and I don’t worry if they’re on show because they look so pretty.

"My boobs grew quickly when I was in primary school and I was one of the first girls to have them.

"I was a B cup by the time I was 12 but as I got older and grew taller, they didn’t get any bigger.

"I obsessed over my boobs and imagined how much nicer my figure would be if I had a larger chest.

"In my teens, I wore a Wonderbra a size too small because it gave me better cleavage. I would even stuff gel inserts into the padded cups. It felt really uncomfortable.

"When I met Jimmy four years ago, I told him if he preferred a woman with bigger boobs, I wasn’t the right girl for him. Luckily, he is more a legs man and has never been bothered about my bra size.

"He loves my favourite bra as much as I do. I feel sexy, confident and alluring in it – and that shows."

Sexy bra

MODEL Sabine Roll-Cohen, 32, was wearing her sexy, black 32B lacy bra when she met husband Beto Cohen, 40, a DJ, and they have been together ever since.

The couple, who have been married for two years, live in Golders Green, North London, and have son Harry, two. Sabine says:

"I was wearing my favourite Victoria’s Secret bra when I met Beto in a nightclub five years ago. I felt sexy and confident because the bra gave me a great shape and a good cleavage.

"My friend owned the club and introduced me to Beto, who was the DJ that night. There was a strong spark and instant attraction. The bra definitely played a big part.

"Two days later, Beto saw my bra properly for the first time. He loved it so much, I went out and bought it in a different colour. He told me the black was his favourite, so I have always worn it the most.

"I love how I can wear a pair of flip flops, jeans and a T-shirt but still feel sexy if my lacy bra is underneath. It makes even the plainest outfit feel sexier because I feel so good wearing it.

"Because I have had the bra so long, I only wear it for special occasions, such as date nights.

"If I ask Beto to choose which underwear I should wear, he picks this one every time.

"I treasure my bra because it holds a lot of great memories. I will never throw it out, even when it is old and broken."

Sports bra

GRANDMA Jemima Slade swears by the “magic power” of her cheap-and-cheerful Primark sports bra.

The 47-year-old hairdresser, from Marylebone, central London, credits it with helping to transform her body. She says:

"My boobs are a 34B and when I exercise, I like to have a sports bra that gives me support but shows off what assets I have.

"I started wearing this simple black sports bra six years ago. In the past I’d spent a fortune on expensive workout bras only to find them destroyed in the washing machine. I decided to try this cheaper option that cost £10 for the set and it’s now my favourite.

"Three years ago I had a bad break-up. Afterwards I felt like an old hag and decided to focus on me and my body. I started running again and working out.

"My sports bra came with me. It was like a familiar friend, giving me the support I needed to feel better about myself.

"It gave me confidence and I dropped from a size 12 to an eight. I wore it when I won the ladies’ section of the Super Hero 5k Charity Run in Regent’s Park. It holds my breasts properly and it’s not wired, so you don’t have your boobs poked when you are working out.

"It’s helped to make me fitter at 47 than I was at 17. To me it’s not just a bra – it has magical powers!"

Maternity bra

FULL-TIME mum Cassandra Baratto is breastfeeding her three-month-old daughter Arya and believes her comfortable Mothercare maternity bra helps them bond.

Cassandra, 31, who is single and lives in Kingsbury, North West London, says:

"My maternity bra is a perfect fit, and being able to feed Arya any time or anywhere strengthens our bond. The bra is soft, comfortable and I love the blue colour. Lots of maternity bras are plain white and this feels more special.

"Before I was pregnant, I was a size 36C. I had to go up a size when I bought the maternity bra. When Arya was born, I tried to wear my ordinary bras but it was difficult to feed properly because they were so restrictive.

"As soon as I swapped to the maternity bra, feeding was much easier and more comfortable. It has clips on the cups which unfasten, so I can be discreet when I feed.

"I wouldn’t feel as confident feeding in public if I had to struggle with the straps on an ordinary bra.

"Breastfeeding helps me bond with Arya and I wouldn’t have the ease or freedom to feed her wherever or whenever I like if it wasn’t for my maternity bra.

"It is so versatile. I will keep wearing it even when I stop breastfeeding."

Comfort bra

SIZE 36F Hayley Bushell keeps her favourite bra on day and night for comfort.

The 24-year-old cleaner lives in Ashford, Kent, with husband Lawrence, 25, a carpenter, and children Gracie, seven, and Rosanna, two. Hayley says:

"My favourite bra is from Asda and although it came in a pack of two, I love the black most. It is so comfy. If it is in the wash, I swap it for the other one.

"Bigger-breasted women don’t have the same choices when it comes to underwear, so I stick to wearing my favourite one. Smaller bras are prettier and there is much more choice.

"I want to look nice for my husband but I hate bra shopping because finding the right one is stressful.

"When I had Gracie at 17, I shot up to a 34H and since having Rosanna, my boobs have stayed big.

"Finding a good bra is a problem because they either fit badly or cut into my skin.

"I find it so uncomfortable to go without a bra, even at night. If I roll over in bed, my boobs go everywhere. They don’t just sit on my chest, they go under my arms too, so I wear my bra underneath my pyjamas. It is the only way I can get a decent night’s sleep.

"I am happiest wearing my favourite bra. I dread the day when it’s old and tatty and I have to throw it out.

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