Foodie shares easy apple crumble recipe that uses only 2 ingredients & is made in less than 20 minutes in the Air fryer | The Sun

A FOODIE has shared a super easy apple crumble recipe that you can whip up in the air fryer in just 20 minutes. 

And the best part is the budget recipe only uses two ingredients and will only cost you a few bob.

Jess, who goes by @jessdoinglifee online shared her apple crumble recipe in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Let's make an Air fryer apple crumble with just two ingredients.”

For the first ingredient Jess grabs a tin of apple filling you can get this from the supermarket for about £1.80. 

Jess said: “It's so quick and easy anybody can do it get out an ovenproof dish and I'm just using this brand of apple filling.”

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The foodie then layers her crumble with a crumble mix with will set you back about 65p in supermarkets. 

Jess said: “Empty your apple filling into the bottom of the dish and top with crumble.”

“I'm just using this one from Asda pour it on the top and then flatten it down with a fork how much you add is entirely up to yourself and how you like your crumble."

Your crumble will only need 20 minutes in the air fryer till it’s ready. 

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Jess said: “Pop it in the air fryer on 180 on bake mode for 20 minutes and then it should come out crispy and golden on the top.”

You can customise the recipe to suit your needs. For example, swap out your apple filling for berries or rhubarb. 


Jess said: “Such an easy way to make a home comfort dessert for all the family and it also helps that it's super easy to do too.”

“Absolutely banging.”

The foodie adds custard to her crumble but feel free to add cream or icream or whatever you fancy. 

Jess’s crumble recipe racked up 257,000 views and people said they were desperate to try it. 

One user said: “Omg I just want the crumble bit and the custard!  I didn't know I could get it in a packet.”

Another said: “I picked blackberries from the garden and made a crumble mix – cooked in an Air fryer. 100% delicious.”

“This is my hubby's fave dessert. making him this now and can't believe how easy it is. Thanks,” said a third. 

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