Ex-River Island employee reveals store secrets – such as how to bag clothes for £1.50 & why staff ALWAYS compliment you

IF you’re heading out on a shopping spree this weekend now non-essential shops have reopened, you may want to pop in to your local River Island. 

Ex-employees have shared the store’s biggest secrets, including how to bag clothes for just £1.50. 

Former staff have revealed you can get your hands on some incredible discounts if you’re patient, and know what to look out for. 

Next time you’re browsing the aisles, take a closer look at the tags. 

Staff often make marks on the tags which indicate whether they’ll soon be on sale – and how much their new price will be. 

Chatting to Money Saving Expert, one ex-worker said: “I used to work in River Island and light pencil marks such as 015 would mean an item would go down to £15 or 0015 down to £1.50.” 

If you’re patient and are able to come back in a day or two, you could end up getting the same item for considerably less. 

Fellow workers shared other tips, including how to bag an item of clothing – even if its sold out.

Chatting to Buzzfeed, one worker said: “Sometimes if you ask us to take something off the mannequin, we'll tell you we're not allowed even though we totally are.”

And sadly, if you thought the person serving you loved your fashion sense – they probably didn’t.

They revealed: “If we're serving you at the till, it's our job to compliment whatever item you're about to buy.

“Even if we're lying through our teeth.”

They also warned that it's “their job” to ask if you wanted a gift card, and they’re also taught how to ‘cross-sell’ and ‘up’sell’.

And just like all department stores – they confirmed the changing rooms are like the wild west.

They said: “We find all kinds of nasty stuff in the changing rooms: leftover fast food, spilled drinks, and even urine.”

Light pencil marks such as 015 would mean an item would go down to £15 or 0015 down to £1.50

And they also revealed why they love it when a customer asks to try a specific size shoe. 

They revealed: “Going to the stockroom for a pair of shoes is actually a chance to sit down for five minutes.”

And after hours the staff know how to let their hair down, with clips appearing on TikTok showing them dancing in empty stores and using the shop floor as a catwalk.

Two girls shared a clip online, captioned: "Getting ready for a party in pjs."

The girls created a fashion montage – including posing with toys in pyjama sets near the tills.

While another cheeky pair perfected their dance moves on TikTok, saying: "River island staff room shenanigans."

Fabulous Digital has contacted River Island for a comment.

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