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A MUM has shared the most anticlimactic gender reveal party ever after her tot threw a massive tantrum.

When Emili Gann, from Texas, the US, found out she was pregnant with her third child, she immediately knew she wanted to find out the baby's gender.

To make the moment a little more special, the mum also involved her two younger children, daughter Ellie and son Finn.

In the family's eyes, they'd have the perfect gender reveal – they'd be in a forest, wearing all white and using a mini smoke grenade filled with either pink or blue.

In reality, things were slightly different – and the mega fail was shared on TikTok.

The smallest of them all – toddler Finn – was in a bad mood, crying and shouting, sitting on the ground.


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Then, in the midst of the whopping tantrum, he grabbed the smoke grenade and threw it away.

Once it had landed, there was a mini puff of smoke coming out – and this is how the parents found out they were welcoming another baby boy.

''Oh wow…'' the dad said in the background of the now-viral video.

To make matters worse, it appeared that Finn wasn't having any of the exciting news, as he then attempted to kick the blue smoke away.

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''When you’ve planned a perfect insta-worthy gender reveal party and little man is NOT having it!'' read the caption next to the clip that was uploaded by Gender Reveal Surprise(@genderrevealsurprise).

Despite the major flop, Emili and her partner did not seem to be too upset and chuckled at the mishap.

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However, people on social media were not so calm – hundreds flocked to comments to express their sheer frustration.

One TikTok fan even went as far as saying: ''that child triggered me.''

Someone else added: ''Idk how y’all stayed calm I would have been so mad.''

''Mom questioning if she’s ready for a 3rd,'' another chuckled.

''Kids ruin everything!!! LOL,'' a fourth reckoned.

Speaking of gender reveal parties, one father-to-be recently went viral after playing a prank – but it's the woman's reaction that's got everyone talking.

Determined to add a little twist to his gender reveal party, one man, believed to be from Australia, thought it'd be a good idea to prank the mum-to-be.

Ready with a camera, one of the guests, who posts on TikTok under the username @Papa Was Here, filmed the event – and things escalated pretty quickly.

In the video, which has since gone viral, the man could be seen holding a black balloon, which had loads of confetti inside.

But as the duo, the woman and the man, gathered together for the big reveal, the father suddenly let go off the black balloon by ''accident''.

Of course, everyone is shocked, screaming in sheer horror.

But one person was particularly upset – the man's partner.

In disbelief, she immediately dashed away, saying: ''Oh my God! This is what I mean – he is f***ing dumb!''

Shaking her head in shock, she didn't smile and added yet again: ''This is what I mean – he's so dumb…''

However, the man then pointed out to something – the real balloon they were meant to pop and immediately the woman started smiling.

After lots of laughing, a kiss and a countdown, she popped the balloon and the two found out they were going to be parents to a baby girl.

But as adorable as this moment was, people on social media couldn't help but notice the woman's initial reaction, which some described as a red flag.

One mortified viewer wished the man well in the future: ''Good luck with her.''

Another agreed, writing: '' “This is what I mean”. So she’s been talkin about it for some time. Best of luck.''

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''She walked back giggling like I didn’t just diss my man ahhahahahhaha,'' someone else added.

''She reacts really fast. Worried about u my brother,'' a fellow TikTok user was concerned.

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