Dream meanings – how to interpret 5 popular dreams

DREAMS can be strange and rarely make sense but are these images simply our mind’s way of processing while we sleep?

Many believe dreams are messages from our subconscious. Below we outline what 5 popular dreams are really trying to tell you.

Teeth falling out

According to expert, Theresa Cheung, dreams of teeth falling out can suggest a fear of being unappealing to others. It can also represent anxiety about aging or losing something or someone crucial to your emotional survival.  Remember leaving money for the tooth fairy? By association this dream could also signify financial worries.

Teeth are symbols of power and you may experience this dream when you feel neglected or overlooked.

In Chinese tradition teeth crumbling or falling out is associated with telling lies or not being true to your values.


Having sex

Dreaming  of having sex can suggest the need for self-development.

Don't panic,  it does not always mean you fancy your dream sex partner!  Ask yourself – ‘what is it about that person’s life or personality that I am attracted to? Can I develop that quality within myself?’.

For example, if you're dreaming of sex with an athlete maybe you need to add more discipline to your life.

However, sometimes sex dreams are about getting down and dirty.

Regardless of who you are having sex with, they can indicate that you are longing for sexual adventure in your waking life.It doesn’t necessarily mean you are dissatisfied with your current partner if you are in a relationship, but simply you have hidden sexual desires and are finding a way to safely  explore them in your dreams.


Being Naked

Being naked in a dream can indicate feelings of vulnerablity. Perhaps you’re hiding something or not being true to who you really are. You could be suffering from imposter syndrome and this dream may be highlighting this tension. Should you be completely honest and open with someone?  Or could revealing your true feelings or personality result in ridicule? The reaction of others to your nudity, as well as your own reaction, will help clarify the meaning. If you don’t feel embarrassed, perhaps your dreaming mind is encouraging you to embrace who you are.  While, if other people don’t notice your nakedness in your dream, maybe you are being overly self critical.


Out of control car

Cars in dreams represent your path in life. An out of control or speeding car means you might be heading in the wrong direction or moving faster than you should. This could lead to danger in some area of your life – for example, rushing into a new relationship, or making a huge life decision without much thought.

If you are not the driver your dream may be telling you to regain control; someone else may be leading you astray or you are being influenced too strongly by someone else’s opinion. A driverless car points to powerlessness, a sense of aimless drifting. If this interpretation seems likely try to consider how you can get back into the driving seat of your own life.

Unable to find a toilet

Searching unsuccessfully for a toilet is a sign you are feeling frustrated or blocked in some way. As this is a very personal thing, the dream is turning the spotlight on your state of mind. It could be telling you need to let go of any emotions that are holding your back. Another meaning is that you have been neglecting self-care. You have been placing other priorities above your own well-being and your dream is encouraging you to take better care of yourself.

If you do eventually find a toilet in your dream, this means that you are finding a way to let go. If you wake up before this point, your dreaming mind wants you to put your needs first.

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