Doublet Men’s Fall 2021

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For viewers watching from their screens, Masayuki Ino’s fall show for his brand Doublet may have seemed relatively ordinary, save for his usual quirkiness that made its appearance both in the clothes and in the choice of venue. But for those who were able to see the show in person at the scrapyard-like venue about an hour outside of Tokyo, it was a very different experience.

“If I had just livestreamed it exactly as it was, then there would have been no reason not to just do a strictly digital presentation,” Ino told journalists after the show. “But for the people who made the effort to trek all the way out here, I wanted to give them something special.”

As bonfires burned in metal cans and excavators began smashing everything from a desk and rows of metal lockers to a full-sized car, the show opened with the finale and Ino’s bow. Models then walked the runway backward, a feat made more difficult by the steady fall of rain and footwear that included plush slides and hotel slippers.

Doublet Men's Fall 2021

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The collection included a mix of retro and childlike influences. Modern takes on brightly colored leisure suits and patterned shirts shared the runway with hats, hoods, bags and overalls adorned with teddy bears and other stuffed toys. Pants and shorts buttoned down the inseam like an infant’s onesie, and suit jackets extended downward to create knee-length rompers for a casual, playful twist on tailoring.

“Because of the coronavirus pandemic, I wasn’t able to travel anywhere this past year, so I had to take inspiration from within,” Ino said. “I thought about my childhood and decided to create something new from that.”

Making something new from things of the past was a concept that also extended to the materials Ino chose, which included recycled and repurposed fabrics. He said the consideration for the environment is also something that he remembered from his childhood.

“My mother always used to say ‘that’s such a waste,’ but I realized that I haven’t heard that as much recently. So I started thinking of how I could waste less and how I could make something new out of something old,” he said.

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