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Dakota Johnson Vs Mia Goth — Both Rock Gorgeous Metallic Dresses On The Red Carpet

Silver sirens! Both Dakota and Mia looked like royalty, wearing metallic dresses at the premiere of their film ‘Suspiria’ in London on Oct. 16. See more pics below!

Dakota Johnson, 29, and Mia Goth, 24, both stunned in silver at the Suspiria premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on October 16. Dakota wore a strapless Gucci dress and shoes along with Cartier jewelry. Her hair was down in loose waves and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Her makeup was flawless, she was glowing, but not because she is pregnant — that was just a misunderstanding that went viral. Mia wore a tiered Givenchy dress with a deep v neckline. She also wore her hair down, and rocked a bold berry lip.

The ladies in silver posed with co-star Tilda Swinton, who wore a black suit and platform heels. She rocked a bold red lipstick and matching red nail polish. All three ladies truly looked like the movie stars they are on the red carpet. The movie pays homage to the original 1977 film and it hits US theaters on October 26. “It’s not jumpy scary, it will just make you feel deeply uncomfortable,” Dakota said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

The movie was actually filmed in a run-down hotel in the Italian alps. Dakota explained the intense filming to W magazine: “I was having nightmares, crazy nightmares. It’s not like the set was cursed. But it was not an easy, breezy shoot. It was cold and dark, and people were getting injured. I got injured. My character, Suzy, has three to four dance numbers — well, she’s in all the dance numbers, really. Then she has audition pieces — it was a lot of physical activity, on top of acting. We’d shoot all day, then spend a couple of hours training in this cold, dank hotel.”

She continued, “I hurt my back, then my muscle spasm got to a point where I couldn’t move. And there’s a language barrier, so it was difficult explaining my pain. Our first [assistant director] broke his leg — he fell onto one of the sets. It was a dangerous set. There were things like that that happened all the time.”

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