Daily Paper Has Opened a New York City Flagship Store

Amsterdam-based label Daily Paper has opened its inaugural New York City flagship store, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The two-story building merges the brand’s Afrofuturistic aesthetics and elements of Dutch architecture for a simultaneously traditional and forward-looking venue.

The Daily Paper team worked with interior architect designer Heather Faulding of 4plus Design on the store’s Dutch Gable facade that uses soda cans in a pattern evoking African beadwork. The group also collaborated for the distinctive statues, mosaic, arches, glass floor, coffee area and mural which decorate the interior.

Skylights pull even, natural light throughout the crisp white surfaces and mirrors throughout the space. As well as retail, the location features a club-like coffee bar and lounge on the second floor — creating space for community as well as shopping.

For more information on the new location, check out Daily Paper’s website.

Daily Paper NYC Flagship Store
18 Delancey Street
New York, New York

Daily Paper has also recently partnered with the Van Gogh Museum for a collection of clothing inspired by the artist’s paintings.
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