Cleaning fanatic shows how to get perfect-smelling laundry and all you need is a cheap sponge

A CLEANING fan has revealed how she gets her clothes smelling fresh from the tumble dryer – and all you need is a sponge.

She shared her tip with her 24,000 fans on Instagram, with people saying they’re ‘never going back’ to their old ways.

Posting on her account Mrs D’s Cleaning Reviews, she claimed her method will save people money, and all you need to do is invest in some thick sponges.

Sharing a video to her page where she talked fans through her method, she said: “Today I want to show you a little trick.

“Yesterday you might have seen me putting a sponge in my tumble dryer and wonder what the heck I was doing.

“So I do not like tumble dryer sheets.

“They don’t smell the same, when you put the tumble dryer sheet in the tumble dryer and your clothes have finished drying, you can’t smell that scent of that tumble dryer on your clothes.

“I just find them completely pointless, they don’t do anything. This does.”

Mrs D, from Chorley, claimed you can pick up a pack of the thick sponges at most shops, and then you simply need a nice deep box and your fabric softener to make the solution.

She continued: “So what you need is your box.

“What you want to do is pop some water in, and pop your sponge in, then get your favourite fabric softener and you want to do two capfuls of that into the box.”

Mrs D recommended getting at least a pack of two so you can alternate sponges in between loads.

She continued: “What you want to do with the dry sponge is put it behind the wet sponge and let it soak.

“It will spring back to life in no time as soon as it absorbs all that fabric softener.”

The cleaning guru advised people to wring out the sponge you're going to add into your laundry load until it was still damp but not dripping.

She added: “Pop that into your tumble dryer with your clothes and I promise you your clothes are going to smell beautiful.

“Stay away from tumble dryer sheets they’re a waste of money, this will save you money.”

Cleaning fans are praising her tip online, with hundreds of people liking her post.

One person said: “Thank you for this tip, it works and clothes smell so much better once out the dryer.”

Another said: “Tried it and loved it.”

A third said: “No going back! I love this trick and use it on every wash load – have shared this with my mum and she lives it to!”

While this person raved: “Thank you so much for this sponge
trick my washing has never smelt better when coming out of the tumble dryer.”

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