Busy mum-of-four shares her VERY organised meal-prep system which helps her plan food for six weeks

AS a mum-of-four life is already busy enough, but as a shift worker, Aussie mum Kym had to find a way to streamline her household chores – particularly when it comes to cooking dinner.

Which is why she came up with a super organised system which allows her to plan and prepare family dinners for six weeks at a time – and it's so incredibly easy.

The busy mum took to Facebook where she revealed she makes lists, plans meals and sets a budget even before heading to the supermarket to shop.

There she will buy in bulk when she can, before returning home and storing food in zip-lock bags in the freezer with perfectly written labels depending on the meal.

She then divides up the food into zip-lock bags and writes out the meals her large family will eat for the next six weeks.

Sharing snaps of her organised meals, she wrote: "As a shift worker with a husband and four kids, I do a six-week meal plan trying my best to use what I already have when writing it up."

She explained that she'll always inspect her fridge and pantry before heading out to the shops, and will base meals around what she already has – only picking up extra bits when she needs them.

She continued: "I shop, then I go home and prep and write on every different type of zip-lock bag.

"I pack away the meals away in weeks. The first week goes into the fridge freezer, the second goes into one chest freezer basket, and the third goes into another."

As for the remaining weeks, Kym said she puts them in different sections and then just "rotates each week".

She also added that she tries to buy bulk mince, sausages and chicken to help with the meals which the kids help plan for the weeks ahead.

As for planning the meals, the mum-of-four uses a whiteboard at home, which we completes after her supermarket shop.

She does this because meals often depend on what discounted buys she picks up in store, which form the bulk of her meals.

"Any excess bulk meat is always used for another meal," Kym added.

That’s an awesome system. Really well done and I guess because you are so busy it really does make things run much better.

"This saves on wastage and always keeps the cost down."

Needless to say, hundreds of people who saw Kym's meal prepping approach were blown away by her efforts, and were impressed with the time and dedication she puts into it.

"That’s an awesome system. Really well done and I guess because you are so busy it really does make things run much better," one fellow parent wrote.

'And another added: "WOW – such thoughtful, organized work. You should be running the country!"

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