Bridezilla sparks outrage with ‘aggressive’ save-the-date that demands guests ‘save their pennies’ and take two weeks off work

Despite not even knowing what country her wedding will take place in, the two page note – which has been leaked on Facebook – asks prospective guests to start budgeting for the high-flying nuptials.

Titled Things to Keep in Mind Before You Say Yes, the bride writes: "The wedding will be held in an Asian country – Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam etc.

"One of the above, we haven't decided."

Before asking each of her guests book at least "two weeks off" work (because "one week is too short"), the bride then asks that they all spend up to £2,800 on her wedding extravaganza.

Describing how their funds will be spent on "hotels, food, drink, daily adventures" and – randomly – "scooter rentals", the bride tries to reassure attendants that they "will not spend all of this".

She added: "It all depends on what kind of holiday you want."

But despite her extravagant plans, the couple have yet to actually reveal their date or destination before they've received all their RSVPs to confirm numbers.

Unsurprisingly, the "aggressive" save-the-date which asks guests to "start saving your pennies" has not gone down well with prospective attendees.

After the note was leaked on Facebook, one user wrote: "She might not even need a venue after those 'save the dates' as it might just be her and the hubby."

Another added: "These people really do not want anyone at their wedding."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "I think this is an invitation to be murdered."

However, one user claimed the bride's idea to suss out the numbers was "good in theory but they didn't execute it very well".

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