Bride-to-be slammed after copying her mate’s venue, photographer, first dance song AND dress for her wedding – The Sun

WHEN it comes to planning a wedding, part of the fun is sharing tips and advice with mates or fellow brides-to-be.

But it seems one bride might be regretting sharing the details of her big day, after a work pal decided to copy pretty much every part of her wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the woman's sister explained: "I completely understand someone seeing another person's wedding and taking some of those ideas to add to their own, but this is a dumpster fire.

"My sister got married this August just gone. Gorgeous wedding at a gorgeous countryside manor.

"An acquaintance of hers, who she knows due to her working at a local restaurant she visits often, has suddenly decided to do EVERYTHING the same.

"She has hired the same venue which on its own wouldn't be a massive deal.

"However she has hired the exact same venue decorations and the company who my sister used, same colour scheme and the same photo booth company my sister used."

The woman went on to explain that the bride had even cancelled her own photographer – losing a £500 deposit – to book the same one as her sister.

"She cancelled her photographer losing a £500 deposit and hired the photographer my sister used," she continued.

"Her fiancé is wearing an almost identical suit to what my sister's husband wore and now she has sent my sister a photo of the dress she is considering that is practically identical to my sister's dress.

"She was also talking about choosing her first dance song and apparently her fiancé (who I know and know he would not care in the slightest) suggested the song my sister had for her first dance.

"I think that is all, she might have copied more but I am just perplexed by it and why someone would want a pretty much identical day to someone else and not want their own special day.

"Is this really weird (my sister is frustrated) or are we over reacting?

"This girl never actually attended my sister's wedding, and my sister never told her any of the companies she used. So she must have stalked her profile on Facebook like mad to find all the things she used."

And other users were utterly stunned, with one commenting: "I'd be at least weirded out, probably annoyed as well, this goes far beyond inspiration.

"Losing her deposit to get the same photographer? I could maybe understand getting the venue and colour scheme, but this and the dress seem over the top."

While another said: "No, not over-reacting, it is very odd."

One joked: "What an opportunity (assuming she's invited) to experience her own wedding as a guest!"

Others however, said the bride-to-be merely sounded like a "lazy planner".

"I’m of two minds on this, stalker vs lazy wedding planning," they wrote.

"While it’s annoying and creepy, it’s also like the friend basically used OP’s sister to plan her own wedding without having to pay for a wedding planner. It’s too bad sis can’t send her a bill."

While another wrote: "I mean, it's weird, yeah, but I would just chalk it up to someone not having any good ideas of their own. If it weirds y'all out too much, just don't go."

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