Bride branded ‘tacky’ for wearing white underwear and a matching garter but no dress on her wedding day

A BRIDE’s bizarre wedding outfit consisting of underwear and a ‘lab coat’ has been branded tacky by onlookers. 

The woman and her new husband were snapped posing under their wedding arch, but she appears to be missing half her outfit. 

Normally women wear a sensational white dress, but this bride appears to have decided on a minimalist outfit consisting of pants, a veil, a white top and an oversized jacket. 

And as is customary, she’s proudly wearing her garter on her left leg – for all to see. 

The wedding snap was uploaded to Reddit under the ‘trashy’ section, where people have mocked her bonkers getup. 

The jacket in particular has left people scratching their heads, with one person saying: “She's obviously a scientist .”

Another asked: “Is that a lab coat?”

A third commented: “She even saved money on buying a skirt.” 

Looking on the bright side, this person thought: “Well, at least the garter toss will be pretty easy.”

While this person added: “Girl just cuz it zips don’t mean it fits.”

And referencing her husband’s leather singlet, this person thought: “Between them they are wearing one complete outfit.”

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